Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm not perfect.

I've learned something about myself over the past few months.  I stress eat.  Yep.  Never thought I was "one of those people", but it turns out I am.  And like a new attendee to an AA meeting, I say with humility, "Hi.  My name is Michelle.  And I eat when I'm stressed."

Since November it's been a whirlwind of things on my plate.  Storms of all sorts have ebbed and flowed over the last 5 months, causing all sorts of stressors and causing me to think I had the right to eat whatever the heck I wanted to.  That induced the slow weight gain, which, in turn, made me stop attending my Weight Watchers meetings.  Ahem.

So I sit here today with a new resolve to get back on the bandwagon - now having this epiphany- ready to tackle the spring and beyond {said in a Buzz Light-Year voice of course}.

At our meeting last night, we were challenged as to what we planned to do to ensure we stay on program.  And that's where you come in.  My readers.  However many or few of you actually read my ramblings.  You will be the motivation to keep me making healthy choices.  {well, that and the fact that swim suit season is knocking at the doorstep of the calendar pages}  If you choose to share something encouraging, that would be wonderful!  But just knowing I will need to post my regular progress with the {world} will help me be accountable to someone.

Maybe it will be something humorous for you to read on your lunch break... maybe it will encourage you to begin a healthy change in your life.... maybe it'll just be something to delete from your inbox.   Whatever the case, you will find a Wednesday morning blog post about my successes and failures during the course of my transformation!

That said, after 1 week back on program {and it was a rough & imperfect one}... I am down 2.6#!  Here's a funny little tid-bit on that amount of weight: 

An astronauts helmet has a mass of 1.2 kg on earth and weighs 2.3 pounds.



Anonymous said...

Hear, hear!! Well done, Michelle! :)

Jodie said...

Great job Michelle!! :)

Stephani said...

Yay on that loss! I look forward to seeing your updates. :) You can do it!