Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Get moving!

Here are some glimpses into what this week looked like for me:

Whoo doggie!  Friday night pizza night.  I was going to just free-for-all guesstimate the points of what I ate, but thought better and decided to calculate the points.  That right there ^ is the calculation of the total points of a cinnawheel from Papa Murphys.  You know, if in a moment of weakness you completely cave and eat the whole darn thing.  Yee-ikes!  {oh, and that does not include the cream cheese frosting.  add another 8 total points if you consume that as well.}

Egg Drop Soup from WW Ready Set Go! Cookbook
3pts / 1/2 cup serving

Stir fry veggies, chopped and ready to go!
Broccoli, sweet peppers, carrots & onions!

This week was far from perfect, once again, but I continue to make mini-revelations about why I make the choices that I make and how to improve on them.  I've also been really tuning into my feelings of hunger.  Trying to decipher when I am truly hungry and when I am just bored.

And lastly, this week I purchased the ActiveLink that Weight Watchers offers.  I'll start my assessment today!  I'm really excited to see what AL has to show me about my acvitity, and begin making strides towards living a more active lifestyle!
{for some reason this looks like a pregnancy test... which it most definitely is NOT}

Getting active already!  Hauled brush and trimmed trees this past weekend!

This week I lost .5 pounds.

1 cup of fertilizer weighs about ½ pound.

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Stephani said...

So what is active link? What does it tell you? Great job on the loss :)