Friday, November 30, 2012

Almost 3 weeks ago I woke up on a Sunday morning, anticipating getting the fam up and ready for church, when as I sat up the room began to spin wildly.  Vertigo.  I had experienced this once before, a few years ago, and immediately lost heart.   I hated it then, and I was not looking forward to this ride again.

I booked an appointment with my chiropractor right away, hoping this would be an end-all, fix-all to my vertigo and I could go on with my life within a few days, good as new.  This was not to be the case.

Fast forward to today, I still feel the room spin as I lay down and sit up.  I still feel "euphoric" off and on throughout the day.  But now I have headaches and stiff muscles to add to it.  

Am I getting better?  I think so.

Do I sound upbeat?  I try.

Truth is, I would by lying if I didn't mention the times I spent in tears crying out to God for healing.  Or the days I encounter the many anxious thoughts about my health.  I would not be giving the full story if you didn't know that I look at photos and long for the day I can be physically restored.

But that isn't the WHOLE story.  Because the focus of this story - this season in my life - is that fear is a liar.  Anxiousness is not from God.  And as I continue down this path, as long as I'm asked to endure it, I will find peace knowing that when my strength gives way, He is there and His strength is only just beginning.  When I feel completely unable to bear the pain & dizziness, He is there to get me through it.

"Am I not capable of taking the grains of sand and making a sculpture no wave could overtake?"

That thought came to me as I was praying the other day.  How true!  I have a creator that made me.  Loves me.  Cares what happens to me.  And is standing by me.

If He brings you to it.
He'll bring you through it.

Love that.

Did I post this as a pity party?  Nah.  I did it to let you know that I am real.  I shake my fist at God sometimes.  I question if He's listening.  I worry.  {and worry more}  But I always come back to the promises of Psalm 34.

If you are going through something insurmountable, try finding the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Beautiful & Burlap Wreath

I scoured.
I gathered.
I repurposed.
I created.

Two things you should know if you want to make a wreath like this.

1.  Think outside the proverbial box. 
2.  Don't over-think it.

A little burlap here.  A little faux bird there.  Mini twig wreaths up there.  Vintage spoons tucked in behind there.  Rusty star nestled up in there.  Perfect!

Look through your craftastic stash and see what you have laying around to make a fun wreath this year!  You might be surprised what you incorporate.

Burlap - leftover from previous projects.
Mini twig wreaths - purchased end of season for dirt cheap {full price they were only 20 cents each}
Faux birdies - thrifted for like 25 cents each.
Rusty Star - another thrifty find for 25 cents.
Pine cones - free from the yard.
Spoons - less than $1 for all 3 {I stamped them myself.}
Wreath - full price $2, but I bought it for at least 50% off end of season last year.

Do you see where I'm going here??  This was DIRT CHEAP to make.

Post pics to my Facebook Page and show me what you create!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Such a good reminder...

The truth about the moment.

"One of fear’s favorite things to tell you, is that today is forever.
If you’re unemployed, you’ll be unemployed forever.
If you’re having trouble writing your book, you’ll have trouble writing it forever.
If you’re job is miserable, it will be miserable forever.
If you’re lonely right now, you’ll be lonely forever.
If the business you started is slow, it will be slow forever.
But, fear is a liar.
Right now, isn’t forever.
Right now is just right now.
It’s a season.
It’s passing even as you read this post.
It will be over before you know it and you’ll be in a new season.
You’ll have a different job. You’ll write a different chapter. You’ll have a different business plan.
Don’t let fear tell you about how time works. Fear is a liar."

Taken from Jon Acuff's blog.  I needed to be reminded of this today.  I just find it amazing how God can speak to us through the most unassuming places.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

November Fox 11

Did you see me on Fox11 this morning??  Did ya?  Did ya?  If not, here it is!


I shared how to make a super cute inspiration board!  {or jewelry hangar, or mail keeper, or art displayer, or Christmas card holder... Use your imagination!}

Remember when I shared the sneak peek on my Facebook page the other day?  Here is the whole thing!

Embellishments not attached... still deciding if I want one or both :)

Being that I've got to be known as the "chicken lady", I had to do something chicken related, right?  So I did!

1 thrifted wooden frame {price varies, but I typically spend $1-5/frame}
1 sample size paint from Lowes {$2.94}
Chicken Wire - {I found mine FREE on Craigslist, but you can buy it at most home improvement or farm stores}
Fabric {optional}
Staple gun & staples

Paint the frame, apply Polycrylic in several coats to seal it, insert the chicken wire using a staple gun, add fabric if you'd like and voila!  A cute clippy inspiration board!

A few things to watch out for:
}Watch so that your staples do not come through the front of the frame.  EEK!
}Solid wood frames that are "chunky" have more to staple into & they paint up nicer.
}Consider using other types of wire fencing!
}Embellish with knobs for hanging keys or jewelry, too!

And finally... if you make one, share it with me!  I love to see people actually doing the crafts.  Pinterest is great, but c'mon!  Let's actually MAKE those things people!

Blogging 4U,

Monday, November 12, 2012

I {heart} typography.'ve been playing around this morning with fonts.  Free fonts online in fact.  I'm in love with the fonts from  So edgy and grungy.  Just up my alley!

I especially fell in love with this font called, Dirty & Classic.  Here's my logo in that font:

I went searching because today I'm working on a custom order for a client.  It's all hush-hush now, but I'll share it with you eventually !

I'm also planning a re-do of some vintage chairs that have this great spot on the back for some monogram or image.  I can't decide what to put on there.  Since I don't know who'll buy them, a monogram is out of the question... but I'm considering one of these images.  Mod and edgy.  What do you think?