Thursday, May 16, 2013

Week... {what week am I on now?}

I set myself up this past week for a 1.5# loss.  I did a lot of things right, but I also made some not-so-fantastic choices along the way that led me to a big fat ZERO pounds lost.  The good news in all of this??  I didn't GAIN anything either.  I stayed exactly the same.  So, I count that as a success, considering my week looked a little like this:


I'll take that zero loss/gain and raise you a 1+ pound loss this week.  Just watch me do it. ;)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


The title does NOT indicate a failure to stay on track with my weight loss, rather, it's my failure to post my results last week.  It can be easily explained... my one and only craft show of the season becomes a reality in T-4 days and I have been feverishly crafting my heart out!

My apologies if you sought my blog out for encouragement for the week and I let you down.  Hopefully you experienced your own successes over the past 2 weeks!  Please share!

To recap, last week, I lost a whopping .8#  To say I was getting frustrated would be an understatement.  So, I ramped it up this past week and made these key changes in my daily routine:

  • I tracked.  Every.  Single.  Day.
  • I planned ahead for my {hungry time} by cutting up a huge fruit salad after lunch to have ready to go mid-afternoon.
  • I planned to get as many activity points as I would need to cover my "overage" in points plus values for the day.
  • I moved.  More.  I made sure to hit my goal of activity each and every day - and even surpassed it many days.
  • And finally - I didn't weigh myself each day.  I waited until right before I left for the meeting!
All these  {minor} changes lead me to a 3.4# loss this week!  Hello encouragement!

So, over the last 2 weeks, my total weight loss was 4.2#.

A gallon of Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) weighs 4.23 lbs.