Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mac-N-Cheese DIY Project

Did that grab your attention?

The reason for the title does not imply that I will be sharing a DIY project using macaroni noodles.  Rather, the project was completed while making mac-n-cheese for the kiddos.  That's all the time it took *wink*

It doesn't need much explanation, so I'll keep this post short and sweet.  What I will elaborate on is how this project started.  It all began with a trip to the Target Dollar Spot and finding this lovely wrapping paper... for a DOLLAR!!  I couldn't pass it up.  I knew I'd find a fun use for it {other than for wrapping gifts, that is}

Any clean tin can will do.  Mine is paint can size.
Measure the height of the can and cut a long strip to wrap around.  I used kraft paper first.
Hot glue it around the can.

Measure the fun paper the same way and hot glue it around the can.
Add a fun trim if you want.

I added a piece of burlap and used a sharpie to do a monogram.

Turn a tin can into a cute craft station organizer - ta-da!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DRAB to FAB - Hope Chest

I'd been on the lookout for a cedar hope chest to redo for my girlies for months now.  But as in all things, my thrifty sense left me passing up many that were more than I wanted to spend.  I knew the right beauty would come along... and she did.   This one only cost me a barter of 2 dozen eggs.  Once you see the pics below you'll see why.  Sheesh!  It's a good thing I have eyes to see a diamond in the rough - because she was rough!

I knew that strange woven fabric something-or-other needed to come off.  {that was a no-brainer}  But it took some time mulling over the possiblities to know how to remake it so it was fab.

See what I mean??  Eek!

I decided some oak beadboard would be just the thing to make this chest into the shabby chic beauty she deserved to be.  We purchased some unfinished panels for $10.99 each at our local home improvement store.  We also picked up an oak board that my husband cut into pieces to act as trim work to hide the joints.  That was around $8.

I started by pulling off all the old fabric, and giving it a good sanding.  We then attached the beadboard to all 4 sides and the oak trim to finish it off.  My carpenter husband helped with that part!  I gave the whole thing a few coats of white paint and then a couple coats of poly.

We had these pull handles in our stash and they matched perfectly! 

 My daughter picked out the zebra fabric on clearance for less than $10.  Not my first choice, but hey, it can be changed out easily enough, so why not.  I used just a thin piece of foam to give it some padding underneath the seat and voila! 

She no longer resides in my garage, but up in my girlie's room for all their dress up clothes.



Now.  If only they'll help them stay more organized....  A mom can dream, right?


Three Mango Seeds

Shabby Easter Centerpiece - CHEEP!

Easter is knocking at our doorstep... have you decorated??

Here's a simple DIY shabby chic centerpiece anyone can do!

I purchased a round glass fishbowl from the thrift store for $1 and a piece of knob hardware from our Habitat Re-Store for 25 cents.  I painted the hardware gloss white and distressed it and then used some E6000 craft glue to adhere it to the top to make a cloche (clow-shhh).

I took an enamel ware platter I had on hand.  Added some moss from the dollar store and some of the eggs I made from my latest Fox 11 gig.  So simple.  So thrifty.  So pretty!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

WLUK Fox 11 - Egg Decorating Tutorial

Decorating Easter eggs is part of most of our Easter traditions.  But what if we could do a little extra and be able to enjoy them year after year?  I ordered a bag of wooden eggs from Casey's Wood Products and used them to try out various techniques to fancy them up!

Take some of the special printed duct tape and cut strips.  Layer the strips vertically as you work your way around the egg.  Smoothing out the pieces as you go.

Using a similar method as the duct tape idea above, cut strips of fabric and use Modge Podge to apply the strips around the egg.  Coat with 1-2 layers of Modge Podge to seal it up.

Get creative in the fabric department.  Look for pretty ribbons, beads & gems to decorate the eggs with a vintage flair!

Rather than take the time to paint a chevron print on the egg, use ric-rac and hot glue it around the egg horizontally. 

Using a paint pen in a fine tip, decorate your egg with images or patterns.  I scoured my magazines to find inspiration for different designs to use.

Chalkboard paint comes in spray cans... did you know that?  I gave my eggs a few coats of chalk board paint and then they were ready to go!  Draw on a cute Easter graphic and it's all set.

Simply coat the eggs with modge podge {white glue would work as well} and, over a tray, generously coat the egg with the microfine glitter.  Once it's dry, you may want to touch up with glue and glitter with a second coat.

 Using scrapbooking glue dots, apply glue dots randomly over the egg.  Using a tray, sprinkle on or roll in microfine glitter.  Blow or brush away glitter between the dots.  {if the glitter is stubborn in coming off the egg where you don't want it, use a damp q-tip to wipe away glitter from between the glue dots.}

Go to town drawing random designs using a fine tip sharpie marker.  The more intricate the better!  Just pretend you're back in middle school and doodling on your folder *wink*

Look for detailed scrapbooking decals that are self-adhesive.  Cut sections the size of your egg and apply in the desired pattern.

This one turned out to be one of my fave's.  If you're not familiar with the "steam punk" movement, just google it or head to Pinterest to see what it's all about.  I describe it as industrial meets brothel.  Think black lace, gears, chains & wings.  Use found objects and create something totally punk-tastic!

Basically, think outside the box.  Search your craft closet or a crafting store for objects to use to decorate your eggs.  The skys the limit!

The WLUK Fox 11 THRIFTY THURSDAY story is just below:

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


 I will admit that this pushes the line of being too distressed, but I must also admit that I have fallen madly in love with her.

Here she is still at the store!
I remember walking into the store and seeing her there... ready to be moved to a back corner of the storage room.  I rescued her immediately - seeing the potential.  It didn't take much to breathe life back into her.  A good cleaning.  A good sanding.  Some coffee glaze.  A few coats of poly.

But she wobbled.

A simple piece of 1/4" plywood wrapped in a pretty fabric made her complete!

I just love all the history that's trapped in the layers of paint, and yes, even stains!  I'm not sure what role she played in the past, but she will now reside in my daughter's room as a book/toy shelf.  And she will be amazing in her new role!
It really was one of those projects that {after sitting in the garage all winter} took so little time to transform that I wondered why it took so long from me to resuscitate her!  And now it's given me the uumph I needed to tackle some of the other lovelies awaiting transformation in my shop!
Three Mango Seeds