Sunday, April 14, 2013

thrifting. all. day. long.

"Don't be jealous that I was out thrifting for sweet deals all day."

{please tell me you've seen Napoleon Dynamite and get this reference....}

Normally I go thrifting by myself... which I enjoy indubitably!  But yesterday I had the pleasure of going thrifting with the whole family.  It was fun to watch what my kiddos gravitated towards, and show off my sweet deal finding skills to my husband.  {guys like girls with sweet money saving skills}

In the end, we didn't buy any of the things we set out to buy, but I just had to share the items I did score.

adorable wooden hangars to display my items at my upcoming craft show
$1.49 for all!

i fell in love with the color and rusty patina on these old hose reels
still not sure what they'll become, but stay tuned to find out
$1 each

funky old keys
picked these up to use for various projects including charms on necklaces
only 10 cents each!

mini metal loaf pan
she will go on the shelf of the chalkboard I'm making to hold the chalk
50 cents

my biggest spend of the day at $10
totally stealing my BFF's idea to use this big galvanized tub to hold ice and beverages on the deck at our next summer shin-dig

the one i went back for...
we hit up one antique mall and i saw this funky yellow necklace in with a bunch of costume jewelry
i passed on it at first because it was $7, but ended up going back through the maze and snatched it up...
why?  because i couldn't stop thinking about it!!  a perfect sign that it was a must have!

these i scored for a whopping $1.50
they are pre-buys for my sister's upcoming wedding

P.s.  I am supposed to be sewing up a storm at the moment, however I needed to walk away from my severely-needs-servicing sewing machine before I did something I would regret later.  But, I've cooled off now and am ready to get back at it!

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