Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I never guessed I'd finish this {quickly}.  And my husband recently confessed he didn't think I'd finish this project at all.  I'm not sure if that's a testament to the tediousness of the project, or to my project-finishing-capabilities.  True, my shop is teetering with projects on my to-do list from days gone by.... but they'll get done.... someday.

But back to {this} project.  My t-shirt rug from my Fox 11 appearance.  You can see from these photos that I wasn't even half way when I went on the air to show the {world} how they could make a rug out of up-cycled tees.  Easy, yes.  Time consuming, double yes.


The kids had fun watching it {grow} and come to life.  I had fun watching my bag of dyed shirt scraps dwindle.  Little by little.  Row by row.  The tangerine tide swept over the latch hook mat until I hooked my last piece! 

I sat back and looked at what I had created and I said "It is good."  I gently smoothed my hands over it's plush surface and grinned.  I had finished.  I allowed my fingers to nestle within the deep orange pile, and grinned again.  I took it inside.  Removed the masking tape holding the edges.  And ironed on the binding.

Then I took her upstairs and let her reside where she was destined to be - the new bathroom.  Pure luxury as you step out of the shower! 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Upcycled Tee's - The Pinterest Way!

Thank you for reading along, and if you're a new reader since my Fox 11 appearance this morning, an extra BIG welcome to you!  I hope you'll find the information you need to do these T-shirt projects yourself.  I also hope you'll be inspired to share your completed projects with me on my Facebook Page!

Rather than reinvent the wheel {and because there are some other super fantastic bloggers out there who do phenomenal tutorials} I've decided to just link up to the tute's I used for the projects I showcased on the air this morning.

T-shirt Rug

Ok, so wasn't this one fun??!!!  I've named this piece "50 Shades of Tangerine" LOL  You know the addage, "Never say never."  Well, that does not apply to this project.  While I thoroughly enjoyed creating this piece {and WILL finish it}, I will most likely never make another.  Please don't let that discourage you!  It's easy, just time consuming.  My advice on this one... take your time... do a little at a time... and you will stay sane *wink*

{click image above to see the tutorial}

Make more than you think you'll need as you will find some mis-cut strips as you go to latch hook your rug.

Don't feel like you have to dye it all in one batch.  The ombre effect of the multi-toned strips gives it a nice effect.

Heavy weight cotton shirts will be harder to latch hook, so if possible, choose lighter weight cotton shirts.

If I DID choose to do another, I would probably skip the dying and just cut up shirts in the color I wanted the rug.  {I even imagined a rainbow rug using mult-colored shirts!!}

T-shirt Turned Tank Top
How cute is this???!!!!  I figured since I had one very involved project, I would share an easy-peasy one too.  This could take as little as 10 minutes to do after you do one "practice" one to see how it goes.  And the results make any boy cut shirt into a girly top in no time.

{click image above to see the tutorial}

Just one.  Align the seams of the recycled-cuff shoulder strap so that they fall within the gathering of the neckline so it looks seamless.

I always love to see what you're working on, so please please please share your pics on my Facebook page!!  You guys are the best!  Thanks again for reading!