Wednesday, August 22, 2012

CB&C goes all Design on ya

EDITED TO ADD:  P.s. I feel it necessary to clarify that the time spent with my husband was not romantic in nature. Thus I was not being disrespectful to him or to our relationship by letting my mind wander. The massage was to relieve my achy back and in trade he got to watch the History Channel during the massage - something I don't care to watch with him. I call it a win-win! ;)

I was lying in bed last night trying to enjoy the back rub my husband was treating me to, when this blog post was running rampant in my brain.  For a moment, I seriously considered stopping the massage and hopping up to get the laptop!  Wha??  Then I thought better and just let the thoughts roll around my noggin while I tried to relax.

Here's the deal.  I went to school for design - back in the day - before having 3 children and choosing to be a stay-at-home-mom, over being a "working" mom.  {I tread lightly with that word, knowing we SAHM's DO work.}  But you get what I'm sayin'.  As of late, be it this quirky, bit-of-everything, blog I've started, or Facebook networking, or that I'm just putting my design skills out there more, but I've had WAY more opportunities to give design consult than I ever imagined.  And guess what?  I love it!!  I've done a funeral reception, consulted on a nursery & child's room for the same family, did sketches and a living room color/design consult for a friend, was recently pulled in to help with a kitchen table makeover, designed a shabby/mod baby shower, and have started the beginning stages of consulting another through a future living room re-do.  *whew*  My "portfolio" of sorts is growing, and word is getting out that I'm someone who knows enough about what I'm doing to come to when you need help.

So, what do I do?  Should Cherry Blossoms & Chickens become a primarily DIY & Design Blog?  Should I start charging for my consulting?  {confession:  I have such a hard time charging people for things.}  But if I'm to make a lifestyle out of this design stuff, maybe I need to consider it?

So there you have it.  I've spilled my guts to you.  My innermost desires and worries.  What you do with this information is your business LOL  If you have tips for me, I'll take them!  For now, I'm going to mull this over and try and decide where God is leading me in this stage of my life.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

I'm featured!

My friend decided to feature me and my Thrifty Monogram project in her blog newsletter!  How cool is that??!!??

Check out her Creative Crafting blog to see my feature!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

it's going to be o.k.

do you ever just look at your kids?  when they don't know it.  when they have no idea that you're observing.

i watch their eyes twinkle when they are laughing together.

i know it's real laughter.  and they aren't fighting.  pure enjoyment in each others company.

i watch as they help one another complete a task.  not because i told them to.  just because they want to help.

i know it's real kindness.  it's coming from the heart.  a desire to serve one another.

i listen as they are respectful to other adults. 

and i have this sense that i must be doing something right.

it's in these stolen moments that i see the people my kids are becoming.  {not the fighting.  arguing.  sassy children they sometimes are}  the people they are when no one is watching. 

and as i watch.  i find myself smiling.  they are turning out o.k.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Super Cool Giveaway...

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