Wednesday, April 24, 2013

diet, schmiet

 It's a LIFESTYLE.  Studies over and over have confirmed that the way to loose weight {and keep it off} is through good ole fashioned consistent diet and exercise.  Not a pill.  Not a surgery. {although sometimes necessary}  Not starvation.

Eat your colors.
Eat the rainbow.

You've all heard it.... and it's true!  Making sure you eat foods that are unprocessed and straight from the earth is both beneficial and the way God intended it to be.  Now, I like Cheetos just as much as the next person, but I also live by two mantras:

I've figured out that if I eat healthy the majority of the time, an occassional treat will not totally disrupt my weight loss and overall health.  It's when I over indulge again and again and again that things start going south.

This week I worked on changing my activity habits when I was typically inactive.  I posted notes around my house to remind me of things I could do when I found myself doing nothing.  Thankfully, after my ActiveLink assessment, I found I was actually reaching my baseline {activity needed to just exist} early in the afternoon and accruing Activity Points each day!  And that's just with my normal day to day life stuff.  A pleasant suprise that explained why I've been able to eat my full points every day PLUS all my Weekly Points Plus Allowance, too, and still loose some weight.

But I can do better and there's always room for improvement.  So I busted out the exercise ball this week, threw the ball for the dog while dinner cooked, and wrote down everything I ate {well, almost}

This week I lost .8 pounds. 

The US Dept. Of Agriculture estimates that the average person in the United States eats .8 lbs of fruits each day.

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