Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Last week at my Weight Watchers meeting, the topic was sabotage. Who do we have in our lives that sabotage our efforts to get healthy? Honestly, I had a hard time thinking of anyone. In general, I have loads of support when it comes to family and friends. I felt truly grateful. Knowing that the people I love and care about, love and care about me too. But then I got to thinking. Am I a saboteur? Are there comments I've made, or reactions I've had that sabotaged someone's dreams, goals or ambitions? I'm not perfect. I'm sure I must have at some point unknowingly said something that was not supportive. But who was it? What was it I said? I cannot recall a specific instance, but to those of you I've sabotaged, I'm truly sorry! At any rate, the topic may not have caused me to pinpoint and avoid those who sabotage me, but it did give me the chance to reflect on my own choices towards others. And for that I am happy. Happy, because now going forward, I can choose my words carefully. Encourage rather than discourage. Lift up rather than dismiss. Will I be flawless? Nope. I'm sure I won't. But now that I'm aware of it, I can be mindful of it.

So now I ask you. Are you a saboteur? When there are people around you who have dreams and goals, do you encourage them? Or do you try and sabotage their efforts - like offering a cinnamon roll to the guy who just lost 15 #'s? Sometimes we try to get those around us off the bandwagon because we are feeling guilty about our own choices. If that's you, stop feeling guilty and start dreaming yourself. Start setting goals that pertain to you. Begin encouraging. And surround yourself with people who will encourage you in your journey - whatever it may be.

Ok. I'll get off my proverbial soapbox now and let you know how I did this week. As I blogged last week, we were out of town - camping - this past weekend and boy oh boy were there temptations. Marshmallows. Caramel apples. Dove chocolates {darn you Stephani}.

And bacon. Oh that yummy, crispy, salty goodness that is bacon. I will admit that while I started the week with great tracking, once the weekend hit, it became too much for me and I stopped tracking. I sort of kept a running tab in my head, but I know I missed things and I know I went over what I normally eat. Thankfully, I was forced to walk a distance to use the bathroom & shower, or to visit the others camping in our party. And we did do a 2 mile hike on Sunday before leaving.

Maybe those were my saving graces! The scale at home shows I'm exactly the same. At my meeting tonight I showed I was down .2#'s. Not what I wanted, really, but considering the week I had, I'll take it. In essence I think I sabotaged myself by not forcing myself to track while we were gone. But rather than get in a huff about it, I realize that life goes on. There will be more situations like the one I just experienced, and I will be forced to make choices like I did again. And again. And again. Life won't stop once I hit my goal weight.

Now I'm onto the next week. I'm stocked with loads of fruits and veggies. I've got a new resolve to make healthier choices this upcoming week and my goal is to loose 2#'s by the next weigh in.

If you've been reading my blog and want to get healthier, now is the time. It completely blows me away when I get comments like last week where people share that my blog has inspired them. Encouraged them. Amazing. I feel so blessed that my words are being used to spur someone else on - whether it be in health, as a mom, as a wife, or spiritually. By sharing your heart, you are in turn encouraging and inspiring me. Thank you.

Oh, and before I go. This is what I look like this week. {Heat wave here in the midwest!}


Stephani said...

Sorry about the chocolate ;-) hee hee But really you did well this weekend. Things like this come up all the time in life and it is what it is and you keep going on from there. Your loss (even if it was small) means you are on the right track. That you didn't overeat and gain a bunch, but you just didn't lose as much. Every day is a new opportunity to do well. :) Here's to a new week!

Sara L. said...

I have often thought about the perspective of *self-sabotage* and how many things we all do to ourselves, instead of others. I have had way too many times over the last 20-ish years where the choices I made were not necessarily the ones most healthy for my body. And I have learned to pray through these times and know that God will help me move forward. Thanks for writing this!