Monday, October 10, 2011

less to love.

eeek. what a week. in an effort to think smaller, i'm doing this post in all lowercase letters. this is purposeful. or maybe i should surround myself with BIG THINGS. things to make me feel smaller in comparison. nah. it'll never work.

i'd love to report that i pivotal moments this week, but all in all it was pretty blase. no fanfare. no wow moments. pretty run of the mill. ordinary. boring. overall i think i did pretty good. i fell off the bandwagon one day, but after reading my sister's blog, quickly regained composure and finished the week off good. {thanks for that reminder sis.} i managed to loose another 1 # this week.

i also have found inspiration in my friend heather. after 9 months on weight watchers, she dropped 55 lbs. a BIG {it was appropriate to use caps here} shout out to her and her hard work. i envy her. i will be her. just give me a little {or maybe a lot} more time. thank you to you, heather, for inspiring me with your quirky photos of the new you. love it.

hmmm. what else. i've found myself gazing upon older photos of me from the last year. if that ain't inspiration.... whew. by our family christmas in the dells this year, i won't be quite as hesitant to put on my swimwear, that's for sure. with a little over 2 months to go my goal is to be another 12 #'s lighter. that'll put me at the lowest i've been in years. i can do it, right? you betcha.

how did i feel thinner this week. well, i moved up a notch {or two} on my belt. that always feels good. {grin}

and i know i normally share one photo of how i did this past week, but my 5 year old got a hold of the camera and i just had to share her photography skills. props to you zoey-bird.

my little photographer {grins}

and a self-take

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Stephani said...

Love your "photo session" - Zoey did good! :) I'll be rooting for you on that goal of 12 lbs gone by Christmas. You've been doing great so far!