Wednesday, October 5, 2011


So I've been all about tutorials lately. Love love love them. I also love finding a project online and recreating it myself to save time and money. Put those {loves} together and you have my new venture... creating tutorials! Be watching for more on this topic coming soon. I've got one freebie in the works and I'll throw in a few more in the coming months. Coming in 2012, I'll have tutorials to purchase for el-cheapo. I want to make them affordable for all you do-it-yourselfers out there. Those of you who can do, but don't want to mess around with figuring it out on your own. I'll also be sharing links to some tutorials out there in the web-world. To get you started and to peak your interest, you have to check out V and Co.'s blog and her tutorial for this adorable scrappy flower ring. So chic!

I just hate to throw away scraps of fabric no matter how small. This is the perfect way to utelize those odds and ends pieces that you just can't part with. Why not make up a few and tie them to the tops of your Christmas gifts this year? Adults and the kiddos will love them! There now. That'll keep you all busy using up your scraps. Have fun!

{Do you have a fun tutorial that you've found online? Share the link, please!}


Sara L. said...

I think my first comment was lost in cyberspace...I found this a couple of years ago and liked it so much I saved it to the computer. The end is hilarious!

Stephani said...

I love this site for tutorials - she has fantastic build your own furniture plans:

I think we'll be using one of her plans to build the entertainment center we want.