Monday, October 17, 2011


So, I thought taking the "traveling tracking journal" would inspire me to be at my best, but Sunday got the best of me with a combination of a birthday party and then Packer party - both with desserts. If I'm looking for a positive, I did eat better than I would have previously. I limited the high fat foods and soda intake drastically, but when I totaled up the estimated points plus values of what I ate that day - yikes. I still went over by quite a bit. My goal was to loose 2.2 this week which would give me another 5# star and a total loss of 15#. I'm not sure what's worse. Feeling like you did great and not loose as much as you'd like, or have a 'fat day' and loose a good chunk. Today I'm feeling the latter. I look in the mirror and wonder where the 13# has come from, because I still feel blah.

Instead of pig out though, I fired up the Wii and put in the Just Dance disc. My 5yr old and I danced for about a half an hour - each taking turns on what song we'd do. Not only was it great exercise, but it was a fun bonding time with her. After we shared a strawberry snack on the deck in the warm fall breeze. *bliss*

I'm still plugging away at this weigh loss thing. And I'm working hard to have the lifelong mindset of getting healthy - rather than thinking "I've just got to loose these last 30#'s and then I can eat!" I know these changes need to be permanent for me to remain healthy after the weight is gone. Gosh. Why do I have to love food so much!

Now onto the results... After this week's weigh in, I lost .4 #'s! I'm that much closer to my goal. Oh, and I have to give a cyber hug to my Dad who guesstimated my weight this weekend while I was talking about my progress. He guessed me at 20#'s LESS than what I really am. Either I carry it well, or he was being all too kind. Either way, thanks Dad!

No picture this week - sorry. My computer has been on the fritz so I'm actually uploading this from my sister's computer. That explains why it's late and why there's no photo. Next week my new laptop should be here. Yipee!

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