Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I may never have the opportunity to be truly famous. You know. Never worry about where the money will come from. Live in a house that doesn't have a remodeling project going on. Always able to wear the latest trends. People everywhere know your name. Yeah. That'll never be me. But, when bits of fame come my way, I love to soak it up. Relish it.

My first bit of fame came last year when I was featured on Good Day Wisconsin {a local TV morning news program}. While on the air, they mentioned that they were seeking local artisans to feature on the show. I immediately contacted them via Facebook and got the ball rolling. It was almost too easy. Before I knew it I was booked for a day to be on the air. My stomach turned. While I LOVED the idea of being "discovered", this was a l.i.v.e. show. No editing. No re-takes. My fears were calmed however when I realized my slot would be a mere 3 minutes. Ok. I can do THAT. And I did. I was on T.V. Real TV. And I got to meet someone more famous than me. It was my hour {well, okay. my 3 mintues.} to shine. And it was fun.

Me and cohost's Rachel Manek.

A picture in the studio. Not at all what I pictured. So quiet. So few people!

Look at me... wearing a mic! I feel so important!

Me with my wares.

My second round of fame came just recently. Being that I love cooking and am always looking for new recipes, I keep tabs on Fox 11's Living with Amy program, as well as her sister shin-dig, The Cooking Mom. I visited their website, only to see that they were looking for apple recipes. Well, my goodness. I have a LOT of those! So I perused my recipe book and sent them 2 of my favorites. Wouldn't you know I got an email back the same day saying they loved both of them, and wanted pictures of the finished product. So, I did what any fame-crazed lady would do and I hit the grocery store, got the items I needed and started cooking! I whipped up both recipes the next morning and sent off photographs of each one. Later that day, I received another email stating that they would be using my Apple-Berry Salsa recipe as their feature recipe the following week! What? And if that's not enough to fill my fame-tank, I get a Cooking Mom kitchen gadget too. *bliss*

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Cool! :)

I went to their site and I noticed they had the recipe here:

They also had this one of yours :)