Sunday, July 15, 2012

Guest Blogger - Camo Cupcake Tutorial

I'm always on the lookout for fun new recipes.  And what better way to add some shizam to a birthday bash than with a fun dessert for the kiddos!  That's why when I saw a friend on Facebook post a picture of her camouflage cupcakes from her son's birthday, I instantly asked if she'd be a guest blogger to tell us ALL how she did it!  Turns out, it's super simple.  But we can keep that secret to ourselves, ok?

So without further ado, courtesy of my friend Kelsey, the awesomest camo-cupcake tutorial EV-er.  Thank you for sharing this tutorial with us, Kelsey!!  

The cupcakes are unbelievably easy, just a little time consuming!


1 Classic White cake mix

2 Classic White frosting containers

Food dye GEL- Black, Green, and Brown 
(I used a concentrated frosting gel because that's all I could find and it still worked great)

White cupcake liners

Mix up the cake mix as directed by the box then divide into 4. Dye one green, one black, one brown, and the last one use only one small drop of brown to make a beige color.

Now comes the time consuming part...drop small amounts of each batter color into the liners,


 switching between all 4 to create the camo look. 

Fill 2/3 full just as you would any other cupcake. Then just bake as directed on the box!


Here's what they look like when they come out of the oven!
You can even see the camo pattern through the liner.
Don't they look tasty?  Delicious AND cute.... I mean cool!  {Boys don't appreciate cute things.}
And of course her cutie-patootie son, Nolan, enjoying one!

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Cut Above Scrappin' said...

LOVE these cupcakes! What a great idea!!!