Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another week DOWN

Even after a girls crafting weekend where there were turtle muffins {yes, there are such things, and we have fallen in love with each other} and other goodies, I managed to squeak out a loss of 1# this past week.  I'm thrilled, and now back down to what I weighed at the start of summer.  I didn't gain a lot, but I was up about 2#'s overall, otherwise maintaining over these summer months.  Well, now I'm itching to loose these last 15-ish pounds and be at goal!

Two of my kiddos also had their check ups today and their pediatrician encouraged me to get rid of the junk food {hot dogs, chips, white bread} and serve the family what I've been eating.  He encouraged me to take baby steps towards a changing lifestyle. 

Our first change - BREAKFAST!  No more toast toast toast for breakfast.  My kids could easily put away a small loaf between the 3 of them for breakfast!  Starting tomorrow, I will get up a few minutes early and make eggs, oatmeal, pancakes... something other than several pieces of toast.... as their breakfast meal. 

What'll we change next?  I don't know, but this seemed like the most obvious step!  I'll keep you posted on our transitions and how the fam is taking the change. 

What healthy changes have you made recently?

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