Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Girls Crafting Weekend Recap

As promised, a recap of the girls crafting weekend.  

It all started with an innocent comment on facebook that flourished into oblivion.  And by 'oblivion' I mean a full blown weekend of girl time and crafting!  Think mirror tiles, fabric galore, yarn, beads, hot glue guns, paint and brushes, tutorials accessed via laptops, tracing paper, tissue paper and quilts!  Every available crafting surface was utilized to it's fullest.  Here's how it went down...

I found this great tutorial on how to convert a man's t-shirt like this....
 ......into a ladies dolman t-shirt like this!  It seriously took like 10 minutes!
Here we are all spread out on the brand spankin' new Amish made table.
 Grandma helping make poms to decorate a future nursery.  
{NOT mine, mind you}
 My sister and I making garden bling with fishing line, beads and mirror tiles.
 My garden bling complete.  I love how it turned out with the sparkle and turquoise.
 My other sister crafting away with beads!
 Here she is again with the earrings and necklace she made.  I am SO stealing the necklace idea.  Tutorial to come!!
  Thank you Mom for bringing your fancy shmancy sewing machine. 
 Working on my circle skirts.

 Here I am, back at home, posing in my skirt.
  My little stinker of a nephew.  Nana didn't get much done this past weekend with all your finicky naps.
One of my daughters with the box she painted.

 And my middle sister, once again, with her knit sock - that's she's been working on for almost a year!

It was a wonderful time of getting to know each other and sharing ideas.  Another is already in the works for over the winter months when we're all itching for some inspiration!

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