Friday, May 4, 2012

Lessons in motherhood - learned from a chicken.

Be a good role model.  
Children are forever watching.  We will see our actions through our children.

Love those fuzzy bottoms *bliss*

Let them learn.
It's okay to let them "hop the fence" to explore their world.  They know that you are near. 

Far from momma, but she's still watching.

Teach them how.
Never be too busy to stop and show them how to survive in life.  That is our primary goal as a Mom.

Momma bird teaching them how to take a dust bath.

Hold them close.
They only stay little for a brief moment in time.  Wrap your arms around them and snuggle them close as long and as often as you can. 

Encourage them.
When they are in a situation where they are frustrated or scared, lovingly reassure them that they can do it. 

Let them go.
Children are ready to leave the nest far earlier than we think.  Give them room to go and grow.

 Watching what God designed in the wild has been such an amazing way to recapture what my purpose as a Mom should be and where my priorities should lie.  Never underestimate how He will speak to you.  Be listening always for the still, small voice of your Creator.


butterflyangel said...

Michelle, I love this. I've been hooked on watching the eagle cams and feel the same way about the true devotion to your children that you can learn from watching them. I love that God knows just how to connect with us. Thanks for your blog. It's so fun to read. Blessings, Sue Fink

Maria @ Egg Laying Chickens said...

What a lovely post -- happy Mother's day to you, too!

I love the Mama hen and her chicks -- so sweet.