Monday, April 30, 2012

15 things to do with something you got for free

i went scouring the internet this evening looking for some ideas of what to do with all the PALLETs i see for free on craigslist.  i was blown away by all the creativity that oozed from fellow crafters in the virtual world.  of course i pinned several.  but then i thought i'd sum up my top 15 ways to use free PALLETs for you, so you don't have to do all the leg work that i did.  hopefully it gets your creative juices flowing.  note:  do not attempt all of these for your home.   too many of these freebies repurposed throughout your house could be overkill.   design is done best when it's something unexpected.

1}  anything.  and i mean just about anything with a meaningful word or phrase catches my eye.  write out your favorite Bible verse, something cute your child said or house rules on each slat of the PALLET.

2}  purchase 4 large industrial casters and attach them to the bottom of the PALLET.  spice it up even more with a splash of color to go with your decor.  i'm so going to make one for out on our deck.

3}  this was the original inspiration for this blog post.  i was desperately searching for something unique as wall art on the patio.  a living sculpture was just the ticket.  transform this flat shipping PALLET into a vertical piece of living art.  and as long as it wasn't soaked in chemicals, you could even plant edibles in there as well.  you'll see one of these at hilfarm too.

4}  slice up the PALLET into smaller pieces and use it on the wall as a book or magazine rack.  simple.

5}  of course a PALLET always works good to prop up a washer and dryer in a wet basement.

6}  PALLETs make great shoe racks.  how cute is that?

7}  memorial day is right around the corner.  why not pick up a PALLET and paint the stars and stripes for an outdoor symbol of our freedom?

9}  smoosh two PALLETs side-by-side for a junk-o-rific headboard.  you could even white wash it for a super shabby chic / cottage look.

10}  ok.  this one would take some extra knowledge of physics and the structural integrity of the building it would be attached to, but a relaxing porch swing made from a PALLET... who knew?

11}  seriously.  i think i died and went to heaven.  theater seating for a media room out of PALLETs.  sweet.

12}  add some vintage spindles {four to be exact} and create a craft table from the PALLET.  when it's this cheap, you can let your kids paint on it without a cloth and enjoy the gorgeous patina that emerges over time.

13}  another for the power tool savvy person.  my advice would be to find cushions first and then create this beauty of a lounger out of a few PALLETs.  makes me want to bust out the kindle for an afternoon in the sun.

14}  another way to use it as a planter.  use old mason jars, or any old glassware, or clay pots.  attach with metal pipe clamps to the PALLET.  the more patina, age and texture to the containers the better, but keep them neutral if you want your plants to be on showcase.

15}  and finally, my fifteenth way to creatively use a PALLET {s}.  get your mattress off the floor and up a bit with this urban chic way of showcasing your bed.

besides craigslist, you can most likely find pallets by dumpsters behind buildings, or contact an appliance store about getting some.  but never.  i repeat never.  ever ever.  never... buy them.  they are free almost everywhere so to spend a dime would be money not well spent.

now that i've shared all these nuggets with you, i suppose i will find it difficult to find them for my own projects.  hmmm.  didn't think that one through very well.

send me pics of your PALLET project when it's through and i'll feature you in my blog!

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Michelle said...

Let me know if you found this topic interesting AND if there's an item you'd like to see featured creatively. This was fun to do and I can see doing more like this with other cheap or free items. :)