Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I haven't fallen off the bandwagon {for all of you who are following my weight loss success story courtesy of Weight Watchers and my ability to choose healthier foods}.  I've simply been in "maintenance" mode.  I'm not at goal, but life for me has been absolute craziness as the school year winds down.  Add to that the fabulous post-baby shower I threw my littlest sister this past week and the temptations looked like this.
 And like this.
But let's go back a few days...  I started my re commitment knowing this was in my future, and with a weight gain 1 pound since April 17th.  That's when I started my steady trend upward, albeit slow, it was not the direction I wanted to be headed.  So I took our meeting's "traveling tracker" and got back to writing down what I was eating.  And it paid off.  I lost that 1 # I'd gained in the last month plus another pound.  That's right. 
 I'm down another 2#'s 
 for a total loss of 27.4#'s!

Hopefully the lack of weight loss talk from all you followers doesn't indicate an upward spiral for you as well.  Let me know how you've been doing!  I'm so encouraged by all your successes as well.
This is what I look like this week... by my garden.

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