Tuesday, May 15, 2012

WLUK Fox 11

Welcome!  If you've found this blog because of the story done on WLUK Fox 11, thank you!  As you'll see by looking through my blog posts, I write about a myriad of topics - some of which are my experiences as a chicken farmer.

If you are someone who's interested becoming a chicken farmer, and you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I'm passionate about helping others with the knowledge I gleaned over the past year.

Thanks for checking out my blog!  I hope you decide to stay and follow me in all my adventures!


Anonymous said...

As a fellow chicken lover, I'd love to see more pictures of your awesome chicken coop. I have serious chicken coop envy going on here! HA HA

I have a black cochin hen with two new chicks. She is my daughter's pet chicken and her name is Peeps. We also have a barred rock hen and an Easter Egger Rooster (we live in the country). I will be placing a chick order next week as I want more chickens. We had up to 20 at one time. I love Wyandottes and Easter Eggers.

When my chicks are done brooding, I'd like to build them a nice coop with an outdoor run. I'd like to 'borrow' some ideas from your coop design if you don't mind.

Michelle said...

Dear Coop Envy,
I will certainly share more photos of the coop! Keep watch on my blog for a post on the construction process. My husband is very detail oriented so he went all out on this coop. My favorite breed is our barred rock, but even that's hard to choose since I love all my girls!

Have you ever seen a blue laced red wyandotte? I just ordered a chick and she's about 3 weeks old. They are gorgeous!!

Thanks for letting me know that you watched!


Charlene said...

I also would like to se more of your coop! Especially the "maternity ward" and how you use it!

Maria @ Egg Laying Chickens said...

Wow, what fun! Great job spreading the word about backyard chickens -- they are all the rage again, isn't it wonderful?