Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It is not because his arrival was not special.
It is not because the day went unnoticed.
It is not because he is not loved.

Finally, the story of Myles.

My sweet little nephew, Myles, made his arrival on Friday April 20th - a mere 10 minutes after I arrived at the hospital.  Expecting to be there for the long haul, I sent my family home and found a comfy couch where I anticipated residing for many hours until he made his appearance.  But, within moments of my arrival, the distinct cries of a fresh newborn filled the hallways.  A trip to my little sister's door confirmed that Myles had arrived!

Those next moments were agonizing for me and my Mom as we tried to wait patiently for confirmation from someone in the room that all was well.  What seemed like forever, was only actually a few minutes.  My future brother-in-law emerged with a huge grin, and ushered us inside to meet his new son.

Kelsey looked amazing.  She had brought another child into this world, and had done an amazing job.  And then I saw him.  Round full cheeks.  Peach-soft skin.  Full kissable lips.  I was in love.  And then I held him.  His tiny body, swaddled in the crook of my arm.  Sleeping peacefully as his Auntie caressed his soft skin and peeked under his hat.  Love.  What a little miracle.

Congratulations Kelsey & Jared!
Welcome Myles

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