Monday, April 30, 2012

Are you ever completely and overwhelmingly inundated with projects?  While I love refurbishing and getting my hands dirty, there are times when I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of "to-do's".  I cannot imagine how I would stay afloat if it weren't for this somewhat organized and list-minded brain of mine.

 As my husband and I finished the coop this past weekend we came to the realization that, although we make decent progress on our own, having a deadline {or reason} to get it done definitely helps!  Our reason for finishing this?  It's going to be on T.V. this Friday!  {more to come on that later}

Here's what I have to get done asap:

-Fence my garden in.  No sense in planting, only to have my chickens scratch the living daylights out of the seedlings and devour the crop. DEADLINE: May 6th!

FYI This is not the aforementioned grody bathroom.
-Get the bathroom functioning.  We've lived here for almost 4 years and the current bathroom was the "one thing" that had to go right away.  Well, four years later we still use the grody room as our place to shower and get ready.  And now I'm ready to get in and gut it!  First we need to finish the upstairs bathroom.  DEADLINE: May 19th!

Then it's onto the projects that are just taking up space:

-My mission chair re-do.

-Silhouettes of the kiddos.
The big tree on the right is the designated tree-house tree.

-Start the tree-house.

-Pick out carpet.

Not that these are unimportant, but no deadlines are set here.  Once the first two are hashed off the list, then we'll set deadlines for these other projects.

How about you?  Do you work better under the gun?  Have you set goals or timelines to get your spring projects done?  Is your garden planted?

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