Wednesday, April 18, 2012

what's up?

I found that lately I have a lot of inspirational things to write about, but no "text" to accompany it at the moment. So as I mull on the ponderous things floating in my pretty little head, I'll quickly take the time to blog about "what's up?" here on the farm.

Baby Myles {get it... "Miles"... hwy sign... tee hee} My little nephew isn't here yet, but it's been occupying a good amount of my mind lately. If you were to view my phone's text history, you'd see countless texts to my dear sister - checking in on her... offering advice... encouraging as needed. Hopefully in a day or two I'll be able to do a little announcement on his arrival.

This is, of course, how I get my baby fix now that I'm done with that stage.

Only about two more days until I could hear the wonderful "peeps" from my home-grown chicks. Each day I go out and carefully listen for the sounds that prove their arrival, and thus my success at chicken farming!

On another chicken-y note, our local tv station WLUK-Fox 11 has asked to do a story on me, my story, and backyard chicken farming in general. We film next week, so we've been busily getting the coop ready for taping!

{approximately} months till we gear up for our vacation! We'll be hitting sandy beaches and fishing in crystal waters! We are stoked!

Because of our impending trip {and the fact that our family + large dog are requiring more space these days} we're on the hunt for a larger SUV. I know what you're thinking... eek! Who would do that with gas prices on the rise? Well, um, us I guess. We're actually going to test drive one for the first time tonight.

Ok, this image is perfect for this update... As for my weight loss - Easter got the best of me as far as tracking. And then the week after was a bust. {I actually skipped the meeting.} But this week I was determined to face the music and move on! I was happily surprised to only have gained .2 # over the last 2 weeks. Which is basically nothing in my book. So I'm back to tracking like a pro this week and making good choices! {see why this image is so great???}

Spring makes me chick crazy! One year into it and I'm still lovin' my little farmette. These 5 eggs symbolize the
2 silkie chicks + 3 variety chicks
that I'll be adding to the flock this spring. I picked up the silkies the other night, and the others should be ready next week some time.

Those are the highlights! Lots of exciting things to look forward to, but it's still not enough to stop me from taking the time to enjoy TODAY. Because I can't get back today if I spend it being anxious about tomorrow.

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