Monday, November 21, 2011

prepared for a gain...

I mentioned last week that Thanksgiving doesn't necesarily bring about fears when it comes to overdoing with pies and potatoes. Maybe I should be more worried.... At any rate, I've set up a plan for success that looks like this:

Wednesday - Just Dance with the kids for at least 1 hour
Thursday - {turkey day} - Wii at Dad's plus a walk in the morning {min 2 miles}
Friday - lazy day, but I'll still do Wii fit for 1 hour
Saturday - walk after lunch at Mom's
Sunday - Walk 3 miles in conjunction with my sister doing an event run
Monday - Just Dance with Zoey in the morning
Tuesday - Take the day off!

With a plan of action in place, I will succeed. Do I plan to loose the following weigh in. Nope. But I do hope to stay the same. I'm even giving myself the freedom to show a .5 # gain if it happens. I already manage my weekly weight loss on my scale at home so I stay on track and there are no surprises on Tuesday nights. Being the planner that I am, it's a need I have to fulfill.

Now onto this weeks results... As the title states, I fully expected to see some sort of gain this week when I got on that scale. Most days I tapered off with my tracking. Not to mention I learned the hard way that a McDonald's breakfast would "eat up" almost my entire points allowance for the day, and that a peanut butter rice krispie treat from Kwik Trip {total indulgence} calculates to a whopping 18 points plus values! At any rate, despite my poorer than normal choices {and lack of exercise}, I was still blessed with a smaller number on the scale. I lost .6 #'s for a total loss of 20.2 #'s. Still plugging away. In fact this morning the scale showed a number I haven't seen in quite some time. Years in fact. But I have to say that the encouragement I've gotten from my followers {you know who you are} has been spectacular. I feel like this blog is actually serving a purpose, rather than just occupying web space. So, keep the encouragements coming. Continue letting me know that this is helping you achieve your goals. I love it. You guys are amazing and I look forward to reading your successes as well as your trials.

Taking it one day at a time... and today, this is what I look like:

The bulky sweater doesn't really do much to hide the tummy I'm trying to loose, but it's so comfy!


Stephani said...

Great job on another loss! I will take a walk with you Sat. :) I hope next week you don't see any gain. Holidays are tough times though!

Sara said...

How do you like the Wii fit? I asked for one for Christmas. :)

Michelle said...

I like it Sara. I don't feel like I have enough "games" to get a good hard-core workout, but I love it for the yoga, strength training and of course the games to play alone or with the kids. :) I would recommend it. Oh and the JUST DANCE games are a hoot! (some lyrics are not appropriate for little ones though :(

Sara said...

We have a Wii already, and I have been considering the Wii Fit. I know a few people who have it, but I have not heard one way or the other if people really like it, or feel as though a *gym* experience is better. Thanks!