Thursday, November 10, 2011

inspiration board

I've talked before about how much I love love love pinterest. Well, it came in super handy when I was asked to give a design consult for some friends of ours. They were re-doing their daughters room and were stuck with a new bedroom set and comforter and weren't sure where to go from there. They live a decent distance - enough so that frequent meet-ups at paint and fabric stores is tough, so I used pinterest to create an inspiration board of sorts for her room makeover. And boy oh boy did I have a blast! I'm not used to working with someone {other than myself} when it comes to design, so I really had to conciously take myself {and my tastes} out of the equation and focus on what sort of a space they invisioned with things that would make them smile when they entered the room.

My starting point was the comforter. "Matching" is a swear word in design, however "Monochromatic" color schemes are all the rage. Her comforter was a gorgeous shade of deep purple. This is Disney's Prince Charming paint from Home Depot. From there I chose varying shades of purple to incorporate into the room. The bottom portion of the walls will be Veranda Iris from Behr {620D-4} and the upper quarter of the wall will be Lily Lavendar from Behr {620E-1} paired with a white ceiling. Her dad is taking on the task of painting polka dots on the upper part of the wall in various sizes and shades.

So the monochromatic thing is going great, but this room needs a punch of color to surprise you when you walk in. So, I chose a bright turquoise and celery green to mesh in. {Rhythmic blue & Feldspar from Behr were my inspirations.} Then I went browsing for some accent pillows for her bed. I suggested crisp white sheets and pillow cases, with accent pillows to pop!

I found the best deals and selection at Gordmans and Home Goods. {I could seriously do some damage in either one of these stores!}

I don't have completed photos of the project yet because it's still in the works. And it'll sort of be a surprise to me to see the end result since I was simply a consultant, not an actual designer for them. I merely helped steer them in the right direction. And did I mention I had fun???

{The fabric swatches came from JoAnn Fabrics.}

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