Monday, November 7, 2011

I'll be brief... well, sort of

I honestly have nothing new to report on my weight loss journey, but in an effort to stay accountable, I'm posting that I lost 1.6 #'s this week, and now I'm onto a new week! I'm still plugging away at getting to my goal and I'm down a total of 18.6 #'s since I started in August. I'm a mere .4#'s away from my 10% goal! It's the next big milestone in Weight Watchers and it means I'll be meeting with my leader to set a goal weight that's right for me. Thanks to everyone who's been supporting and encouraging me!

Here's what I look like this week:

What else has been going on with me other than shedding pounds? We've been frantically getting our home and yard winterized, and none too soon. The forecast this morning stated that flurries were in our forecast. Seems like just as soon as I get some items checked off our fall list, we remember 3 more! This weekend we got the lawn mowed one last time {and when you mow 2 acres, it takes a while!} and mulched the leaves, caged all the plants that the deer find tantalizing, emptied the hot tub, put the flower pots away, tilled the garden, and trimmed up dead plants. That was Saturday. We still had enough time enjoy dinner with some friends that evening.

Sunday afternoon, my Dad came over to help hook up the electrical in our bedroom remodeling project that has taken way longer than I ever thought it would. We're talking almost 2 years now to do 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. If it's not the money, it's the time. The two never seem to mesh. But, we have working fixtures in the girls bedroom - including their fancy-schmancy chandelier, and Jason began grouting the tub {we ran out of grout though because the girls used a bag as pretend "flour" and it busted open on the floor - off to pick up some more!} We're so anxious to finish up this project and move onto the 2nd phase of our remodel. I've already been pinning ideas on for our master bedroom. ooh la la Anyway, while the boys were busy upstairs, the ladies were downstairs making sure the Packer's did their job... and they did :)

Seems like the next few weekends we'll continue to tackle the last few items on our list. {mending the snow blower, putting hoses away, wiring in the generator... just in case} Then we'll spend the rest of the time finishing the bedrooms and bathroom and start planning the next project. I actually enjoy itemizing all the steps and figuring how much it's gonna cost. I'm just anxious to see it all come to fruition.

Oh, and I Zumba-ed for almost 2 full hours last Friday night with my sisters. Too fun!

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Stephani said...

Great job on the loss!!!! Such good progress :)

I have not gotten done nearly what I should have outside... *sigh* Oh well, this snow should melt in a day or so and its supposed to be halfway decent this weekend.