Thursday, November 15, 2012

November Fox 11

Did you see me on Fox11 this morning??  Did ya?  Did ya?  If not, here it is!


I shared how to make a super cute inspiration board!  {or jewelry hangar, or mail keeper, or art displayer, or Christmas card holder... Use your imagination!}

Remember when I shared the sneak peek on my Facebook page the other day?  Here is the whole thing!

Embellishments not attached... still deciding if I want one or both :)

Being that I've got to be known as the "chicken lady", I had to do something chicken related, right?  So I did!

1 thrifted wooden frame {price varies, but I typically spend $1-5/frame}
1 sample size paint from Lowes {$2.94}
Chicken Wire - {I found mine FREE on Craigslist, but you can buy it at most home improvement or farm stores}
Fabric {optional}
Staple gun & staples

Paint the frame, apply Polycrylic in several coats to seal it, insert the chicken wire using a staple gun, add fabric if you'd like and voila!  A cute clippy inspiration board!

A few things to watch out for:
}Watch so that your staples do not come through the front of the frame.  EEK!
}Solid wood frames that are "chunky" have more to staple into & they paint up nicer.
}Consider using other types of wire fencing!
}Embellish with knobs for hanging keys or jewelry, too!

And finally... if you make one, share it with me!  I love to see people actually doing the crafts.  Pinterest is great, but c'mon!  Let's actually MAKE those things people!

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