Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Beautiful & Burlap Wreath

I scoured.
I gathered.
I repurposed.
I created.

Two things you should know if you want to make a wreath like this.

1.  Think outside the proverbial box. 
2.  Don't over-think it.

A little burlap here.  A little faux bird there.  Mini twig wreaths up there.  Vintage spoons tucked in behind there.  Rusty star nestled up in there.  Perfect!

Look through your craftastic stash and see what you have laying around to make a fun wreath this year!  You might be surprised what you incorporate.

Burlap - leftover from previous projects.
Mini twig wreaths - purchased end of season for dirt cheap {full price they were only 20 cents each}
Faux birdies - thrifted for like 25 cents each.
Rusty Star - another thrifty find for 25 cents.
Pine cones - free from the yard.
Spoons - less than $1 for all 3 {I stamped them myself.}
Wreath - full price $2, but I bought it for at least 50% off end of season last year.

Do you see where I'm going here??  This was DIRT CHEAP to make.

Post pics to my Facebook Page and show me what you create!

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