Tuesday, March 27, 2012

slow and steady...

But I don't feel skinny.

This is what I've been telling myself over the last few weeks. While the pounds have been dripping away, I still find myself feeling like I look the same as I did at the beginning. Call it a "fat day" or whatever, it's frustrating! But, then I see pictures of myself, or I hear a friend say "wow!" after not seeing me for a while, all is well in the world again. I know I've been working hard, and I know there's a difference. Deep down I know. Still, for anyone who's been working hard at something, it truly feels wonderful when others acknowledge the process and the progress.

This week marks an important milestone. It marks a goal that's been accomplished. And while I had originally set out to reach this goal a little over a month ago, I'm not dwelling on that. Rather, I'm simply happy that I got there. Do you remember my Valentine's Day goal? Well, I finally did it.

I'm officially down 25 pounds after another 1.2 # loss this week!

I got a 25# medallion and another 5# star. Both Weight Watchers awards. Both indicating my hard work. But neither feels as good as having that weight gone for good.

I know some of you are working on similar goals along with me and I want to hear your progress. Please share!

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Stephani said...

Awesome!!!! :) I'm so excited for you and proud of you! I had forgot to mention it when I read that post you did about the chair re-do you did that I could really see the difference in you in the pics. Not that I can't in real life, too, but I really saw it in the pics there. When in doubt just looks a pics from before you started and you'll see how far you've come!