Tuesday, January 10, 2012

back on track

This week has gone much better than weeks before. I wrote down what I was eating, made sure I was getting in fruits and veggies, and even worked in some exercise. And it worked! I lost 1.2#'s this week. And although I don't look any different {being as I'm loosing what I gained in holiday splendiforous eating} I wanted to get back on track with taking weekly photos of myself as well. So, here is what I look like this week:

My clothes still fit. {yeah} So, my gain wasn't major, but it was enough to cause the scale to go the opposite direction I wanted. This minor loss this week is putting me back in the running to reaching my goals. And speaking of goals... I wanted to make a written goal here for you all to read.

By Valentine's Day, I want to be down a total of 25 lbs from where I started.

That's a total loss of about 7 lbs in the next 5 weeks. Attainable. Very do-able. And from there I'll only have another 20 #'s to go. Whew. And that, my friends, is why I break it into smaller goals!

What else have I been up to?

-Trying to figure out if what I thought was a hen is really a rooster.

{oofda. I think "Charmin" will become "Prince Charming"}

-Helping some friends of ours decorate their nursery. {think earthy browns and pomegranates}
-Creating silhouettes of the girls for their bedroom.
-Staining and varnishing the woodwork for our remodel upstairs.
-Paperwork. Lots of paperwork with buying 3 acres of wooded land around us. {closing not set yet, but praising God for the extra work which = extra $}

I hope you're working hard to reach the goals you've set for 2012!

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