Wednesday, March 7, 2012


mud. slush. puddles. wet dog. muck boots.

seeds. garden plan. hanging laundry. grilling. walks.

ah yes. spring is virtually upon us, and yet it took winter storm Crystal to really get me in the mood for tulips and light jackets. i live in Wisconsin because i truly do love the changing seasons - even winter. and when i didn't feel like i really got a winter this year to enjoy, this last storm was what i needed in one last ditch effort to enjoy a day of being cozy inside my own personal snow globe. now that Crystal's over and unseasonable 50 degree weather has set in, the six inches of snow has transformed into puddles and mud. i find myself hop-skipping my way down our cobbled path to get from the house to the mailbox in an effort to stay dry. but i love it. today, i stepped foot on the deck and allowed myself to drink in the warmth that the air held. i smiled as i watched my five year old run in the driveway in her nightgown and pink rain boots - blonde curls whipping in the wind. it totally reminded me of something i saw in a Little House on the Prairie episode once.

one of my favorite things about living in the boonies where we do has to be seeing our children enjoying the space we've been blessed with. a space where they can run full tilt and still be in our yard. a place where they can shout and laugh and play without disturbing others. a space where they can learn about the world around them.

today i encourage you to step out your front door and look for the blessings in your space.

later this week, i will be blogging about forcing tulip bulbs so you can enjoy them indoors before they poke their beautiful purple, yellow and pink heads out of the soil.

and what about the ever changing me? i lost .4 #'s this week. not stellar. but i'll take it. my husband and i both celebrated birthdays this past weekend and there was much in the way of eating - to put it lightly. this week i'm back on track and hope to do two things: loose at least one more pound, therefore awarding me with my 5th five-pound star at Weight Watchers {you do the math} and secondly, meet with my leader to set my goal weight. if all goes as planned, i should only have about 17 pounds to go to get to my goal, and thus maintenance!! i may decide to lose another five down the road, but i would be immensely happy losing those 17 and feeling great as a size 8.

tell me... those of you getting healthy along with me... how have you been doing? accountability rocks!


Stephani said...

I'm so ready for spring...I didn't even need that last snow to convince me. ;-)

Great job this week - losing .4 despite the parties and eating is great. I hope you pull out that 1 lb (or more!) this week to meet your next goal!

Anonymous said...

You inspired me to join ww and I am down 15 pounds. Keep going, you are so close. I look forward to the day I can proudly say I am that close to goal. Good job:) My new love Zumba 3 days a week at the y.

Michelle said...

Do I know you "Anonymous"? Either way I'm immensely proud of you! I'm not sure how much you want to lose, but whether its a big number or a small number, take it a week at a time. Approach it as if it's a long term life change, not a temporary fix. And finally, find a way to keep yourself accountable. Keep me posted with how you're doing! Blessings, M-