Tuesday, March 20, 2012

i'll be brief...

For the last two weeks, I'll be honest, I was on again, off again with my tracking. And this weather. This glorious weather. Well, it made for many a cook-out let's just say. I took the easy way out last week and skipped the meeting for two reasons. 1) My husband was supposed to work late, ie making it so I wouldn't be able to go {which he didn't end up having to} and 2) Again with the glorious weather. I vowed to myself that I would get back on track so I wouldn't show a gain at Weight Watchers, but alas, another stupendous weekend. Lots of visitors. Loads of yummy food. I went to weigh in tonight, not fully knowing what to expect, and while I gained, I was surprised it was a mere .4#'s. It could'a been a lot worse!

I set my goal weight with my leader tonight too. It makes it seem all that much more real. Tangible. Possible. Just saying the number. Whew. Less than 20#'s to go. I'm over half way there.

I. Can. Do. This.


Stephani said...

I think a "gain" of .4 is nothing considering you weren't staying on points during those times. And I use "gain" loosely cause really... .4 is like 0. ;-) Here's to next week! Yay on being over half way!!!!

Terry said...

I agree with Steph --- but I'm also happy that you've been re-motivated by setting your goal weight. You're looking great and I'm sure you're feeling even better!!