Monday, February 27, 2012

This past week, our time at home could be summed up in one word.


I had kids puking or thinking they would. A husband home sick for 3 days. And then there was me. No, I didn't get sick with the rest of them in the traditional way. I tried Pilates. And that, my friends, made me feel like was going to puke.

Helen, my trainer, gave me this incredible interval workout that starts with 15 minutes on the treadmill and then moves into a variety of Pilates moves. My abs burned. My arms shook. I got sweaty. After a week of her program, I realized I had been exercising, yes, but certainly not pushing myself. And her weekly Facebook messages keep me accountable and encouraged.

Take that and blend it up with the shake up in my WW routine {cutting my points plus allowance by 9, since routinely I use them all during the week} made for a loss of 2 #'s! I started seeing numbers on the scale this week that I seriously haven't seen in a l-o-n-g time. I'm psyched!

A few other things going on with me:

-My new addiction: "American Pickers" - this show has gotten me ramped up about hitting flea markets and rummage sales this spring. So many fabulous ideas to incorporate into our home.

-Olioboards. 'Nuf said. Check it out. Be amazed.

-Projects. More projects. And even more projects. In the upcoming weeks I plan to make belted sweater pillows, finish the silhouettes of the girls, and paint the frame for in their room {which I think will end up a mirror}. I'm on the hunt for a cool vintage armchair to reupholster for their room, too. Like I need another "to do" on my list.

-Forcing bulbs. Last fall I bought some tulip bulbs that never got in the ground in time. I plan to force some of them indoors to enjoy this spring and then get them in the ground THIS fall instead! And soon, very soon, I'll be starting my annual flowers in my indoor greenhouse!

-One more thing about Olioboard... I entered a contest with one of my mood boards and I'd love your vote!

-And finally. *S*N*O*W* Once again we were in the path of "the big one" and it fizzled out. Seriously??? Can't a storm lover get one this winter?

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Stephani said...

Woo Hoo on 2 lbs!!! :) That's excellent! The changes must have been the ticket.

I know just what you mean about exercising but not pushing yourself. I realized that as well when I started with my trainer last fall. Its easy to slack off on your own and not push further. Nice to have someone to keep you going and make you reach further.

My trainer says I'm going to get buns and abs of steel, so you and I can be made of steel together! ;-)