Thursday, February 23, 2012

busy busy busy

What would cause a dedicated blogger to miss a weekly blog post, you ask? Well, how about a son who fractures his arm and ends up in a cast. Or preparing for and hosting out of town company. Maybe a child with the pukes. All of those scenarios {and more} played out in our home in the last 2 weeks, thus making me completely oblivious to the fact that I didn't post last week, and am late in blogging this week. My apologies to those of you looking for inspiration and encouragement. {or maybe just need a good laugh once a week}

To recap... last week {somehow} I managed to gain 1#. Not exactly sure how that worked, but this past week I lost .6#. Seems as though I've been hovering at this same basic weight for weeks now and I'm sick of it. I'm never going to get to my goal if I don't step it up a bit and move past this point. I talked to my WW leader and we're trying something new this week to see if it kick starts my weight loss again. I've also started my personal trainers weekly routine. I do a cardio kickboxing DVD with ab workout twice a week, and a treadmill-Pilates interval routine once a week. The 4th day is a "my choice" day where I can decide what I want to do, but an ab workout of some kind is in order. I'll do this program for about 6 weeks and then we'll assess and switch it up. My friend Helen {aka Personal Trainer} also plans to come over on Thursday's to work out with me and keep me accountable. Unfortunately, with the pukes in our house, today was postponed till next week - but I'm still going to exercise!!

What else is new? Well, I got my hair cut and colored. This is a tremendously big deal, since it seems that the last time I was in was last JUNE! I knew it had been a while, but sheesh. Here's what the new do looks like {before and after}:


Stephani said...

Again I love the new hair! So fun!

You are on a roll with your workouts. Have you been doing any body measurements? I find this is helpful when I feel like I'm not losing anything despite trying. I measure once/month and then I can see the changes. Between working out and weight loss you will see quite the difference.

Hopefully next week will show a nice big loss for you :)

Helen said...

I agree with Stephani about the measurements. Sometimes I gain a pound or two when I work out a lot, but I actually have smaller measurements because I have more muscle and less fat. AND unfortunately,as you know, muscle weighs more than fat. (But looks much nicer on the bod!) LOL! Keep up the great work, Michelle! You already look awesome though!