Monday, February 6, 2012


"We will WORship You, WORship You.
We will worship You.
We will WORship You, WORship You.
Ever worship You."

I honestly don't know if this is something they have sung at church or Awana, but frankly, I don't care. Sweet voices of my 5 and 7 year old singing praises to our Lord without a care in the world will always, always, make me tear up with delight.

"My God is Healer. Awesome in power. My God. My God."

Bliss. Turn off the radio any day to witness little ones worshiping their God. Their Savior. Their heavenly Father. Pure bliss.

Ok, now that I got to share that glorious moment in my week, I can tell you about my weight loss efforts this week. I have to tell you, that I'm not entirely sure what I did differently, other than follow the program, except that I made a conscious effort to eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies each day {although I didn't succeed every day}, and I tried hard to eat a protein with each meal and eat Weight Watchers "power foods" throughout the day. I guess now that I think about it, I also spent time weighing and measuring those foods that I've gotten lazy about, and I've stopped going back for seconds unless I planned for it.

Planning ahead for each day is crucial, I've found. Obviously things come up that are unexpected, like the fries I treated myself to on Monday, but I found that when I thought ahead to what I'd be eating the whole day, I made better choices in how to spend my points between those meals.

One other thing I'm doing this go-round is eating what my family eats. Before I would make a healthier option for myself but now, I make the whole family eat healthier, or I figure and take the points for eating what they eat. I know that for me to be successful, I need to learn to eat now what I plan to eat the rest of my life - only in moderation. I can't loose a bunch of weight on frozen entrees and get to goal, only to return to eating leftovers for lunch and hope I don't gain it all back. No. I need to learn how to eat the foods I like and want now. It's all about 1. Moderation and 2. Portions. {and there could be a 3. how you cook it , too}

This week I felt great. Like I was making good choices most of the time. I could see my progress on the scale each morning, and that was encouraging. At weigh in, I was down 2.2 #'s! I'm back on the fast-track to my goals! Only 4.8#'s left to reach my Valentine's Day goal.

This week I meet with my friend, and now personal trainer, to put together a work-out routine fit just for me! And because it's been a while, here's what I look like after a great week:


Jeanne said...

You look so great! Love the yellow shirt on you. Racks for the inspiration, I got a little out of control with super bowl and no time to exercise this week so it is inspiring to hear about your 2.2#! Way to go!!

Jeanne said...

Aaack! That should read "Thanks", not "Racks" dumb smartphone. ;)

Helen said...

You look great! Can't wait to see you on Thursday!

Terry said...

Way to go, Shelly!! Fitting the 5 - 6 fruits and veggies in has always worked well for me, but I commend you for realizing that you have to learn how to eat "real" food for the rest of your life.

And thanks for sharing the part about the girls singing worship songs....that made me tear up just reading it!

Stephani said...

Awesome!! :) Great job on the 2.2#! I bet that is encouraging. I think the fruits/veggies did help. Always a good thing.