Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The family all gathered together.

chex mix. 7 layer bars. chips. iced sugar cookies. puppy chow. fudge {oh that glorious fudge}. cheese and sausage. crackers.

Uncle Al, this one’s for you.

All of these beckoned me this past weekend. Called out to me. I thought I could resist their indulgent calling. I thought my will was strong enough to look past the guilt-ridden goodies. Alas it was not. I indulged and I did so frivolously.
How do I know I overindulged? Three ways:

1) Come mealtime, the wonderful aroma of baking ham did not make me hungry.

2) I felt sluggish and blah.

3) And, by the end of the weekend, I was reaching for celery sticks {not because I was trying to eat well, but my body was seriously craving something healthy}.

For the first time since I began Weight Watchers I skipped a meeting this week. Not because I feared a gain. It is what it is and I will continue to progress in my weight loss journey. I did so because the holiday tasks were mounting up around me and I seriously needed the extra time to unwind and get things done around the house. I still weighed in at home and the scale shows a gain. Not surprising. I expected it {in fact I expected more}. But starting today I’m back on track. Sure I have Christmas coming up but that’s one day out of 7. I believe that if I eat well the rest of the 6 days, the one day of extra eating will be balanced out. I know this because it’s worked in the past.

So, my new goal for this week is to get back to tracking for at least the 6 days where I’m at home and can eat great. And to get back down to what I was at before Thanksgiving. {honestly I don’t know how much that equates to, but approximately 2 #’s… definitely do-able}.

On a different note, the time spent with family at the Dells was once again amazing. My personal highlights:

1) Talking my 7 yr. old daughter, Nessa, into trying the waterslide with me. She loved it so much that as soon as we got off she was ready to go again. {I think I screamed more than she did!}

2) Playing “Apples to Apples” on Friday night, and carelessly throwing away my wild card on the word “frivolous”. Sorry Dave. I didn’t do you justice with that one.

3) Seeing my niece, Emily, open the white elephant gift that held the trophy. I wrapped it so she would get it and she did! She was thrilled. Her comment “It’s a lot lighter than I thought it would be!”

4) Sharing with my Aunt and Uncle a way we’d like to bless them this winter with a work weekend at their place. My Aunt’s verclempt reaction was priceless and got me teary as well.

Despite the weekend being the brief demise of my weight loss progress, it was a fabulous kick-off to a great holiday!

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