Monday, August 22, 2011

September Menu.

DISCLAIMER: I am not, and have never claimed to be, a computer whiz like my sister. Therefore, the links on this particular blog post have taken me way longer than it would most people. I apologize if they are not seamless or you have trouble with them. Please let me know if you encounter problems and I will have my said-sister fix them for me.

Brrrr. This chilly August morning has got me thinking more about chili and casseroles than hamburgers and brats. And with only a week or so left of August, I sat down this morning with my hoodie on and a warm cup of joe and made out my September menu. I figured a lot of you probably haven't thought ahead to what's for dinner tonight, let alone the entire month of September, so I'm going to share my menu with you. Take a week at a time, or shop for the whole month. Whatever works best for your family and your budget. I've found that most everything can be purchased cheaper at Woodman's, so if you have one near you, try them out next time you shop. Ours is about 25 minutes away, but well worth the extra miles when you only go once a month.

Follow the link to the file for the September Menu.

The file will open in filejumbo. Click DOWNLOAD. Then click OPEN. Then click ALLOW. Then double click on the file September_Menu.pdf. (Note: After you initally click on DOWLOAD, your pc may prompt you with an warning which you'll have to acknowlege and then click DOWNLOAD again.)

Remember that this is my actual menu, so there are days we have to eat out because of what we have going on, and I don't always make the exact meals on the exact days that I have on the menu. Things with perishables (i.e. lettuce, tomatoes, etc.) I make earlier so I don't have to rebuy because items have gone bad.

I had tossed around the idea of also sharing my shopping list, but here's the deal. My list does not include everything needed for the meals listed. I make my list based off of what is needed, minus what my pantry and freezers hold already. If you'd still like a shopping list (or recipes for any meals that are new to you), please don't hesitate to ask!

If you enjoy this menu planning service, it'll be available to you for the next few months as I create mine. I'm toying with the notion of having a menu planning service that would be available for purchase in 2012.

Until then, happy shopping... and cooking!


Terry said...

Hi Shelly - just wanted you to know that I didn't have any problems opening your menu link. Thanks ~ Love, Mom

Stephani said...

Yep, links worked fine! I'm just going to look over your list and decide which days I'm going to show up for dinner ;-) I have to work on my Sept menu yet so I'm ready for our shopping trip!