Thursday, August 18, 2011

bunker down

Maybe it's because of the late spring... and even later start to summer. Maybe it's because I was sick and unable to enjoy those first precious weeks of the season. Maybe it's just that the kids are getting older and the time ticks by faster. I just never like to see the warm summer days wrapping up. But, as much as I hate to see summer come to an end, I have to confess, I do kind of get a twinge of readiness for the cooler temps when it gets to be this time of year. The pioneer woman in me starts to get the itch to stock the pantry, can the harvest, organize the clutter and make my fall to-do list. I anticipate the purple and golden mums on hay bales near my door. I start planning my corn stalk and pumpkin arrangements by the garage. Yes, I know it's kind of early to be thinking about all this - but is it really? August has a mere 2 weeks left and then comes September. Cooler nights and days are ahead. I know because I have woken up under an open window, snuggled deep under my down quilt.

And I will miss the lazy days on the deck. Swimming at the lake. Campfires at dusk. A freshly cut lawn. 49-cent cones at McDonalds. Fresh cut flowers on the table. A basket full of garden goodies. Walks in the woods. Reading in the sun. And bright red geraniums.

But I also love, crisp white snow. Warm apple pie. A hot cup of joe in the morning to warm me up. Slippers. Snuggling on the couch. Rosy cheeks. Frosty branches on the trees. Unexpected snow days. Hay rides. Carving pumpkins. Blizzards. Jeans and sweaters. And even shoveling (but not raking.)

In May, it's hard for me to imagine a time when I'll long for the cooler days, but I always do. Not that I want to hurry along the summer, but I don't dread it's end quite as much. And the kids go off to school. A bitter sweet time for me. I love to see their accomplishments and watch them develop their relationships and personalities, but I truly miss having them around all day.

So in the weeks ahead, there are sure to be blog posts about my winter preparations. You tell me... what is it you'd like to hear about? What topics would you like me to delve into?

Until the cold weather comes, take the time to lay on your back in the grass with a little one and name cloud shapes.

And now some pics from the last year to get you in the mood for the "s" word :)

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