Monday, August 29, 2011


I can do it. Sure I can. Fruit and coffee for breakfast. Granola bar mid morning. Grilled chicken salad for lunch. A snitch of chocolate in the afternoon. Gosh I'm really starving. Pop open a coke. Maybe another chocolate. Portion off supper. Still very hungry. I can't starve myself. I go for seconds. Maybe another helping of the veggie... that's healthy, right? I'll just skip a snack later. Watching TV. Thinking about the ice cream in the freezer. I'll just have a tiny bit. Ok, 2 scoops. Big ones. But only 2. Eat it all quickly because I feel guilty and want to get it over with. Get jammies on and see myself in the mirror. Sigh. I'll start again in the morning.

Ever have days like this? If you've ever been on a diet, I'm sure you have, or else you're not my friend anymore. Just kidding. The problem is, I've had too many of these days. After being sick in the spring, I lost 10lbs. While I didn't enjoy the way I lost it, I did see it as one positive thing to come from such an awful 5 weeks. But, once I was able to eat again, I did. And I did. And I did. And now I have all 10 back. Ugh.

Time to start again. But this time it has to be different. I need accountability. I need someone to kick me in the patootie when I don't make goal. I need someone to ask if I've exercised. My program of choice is Weight Watchers. I love it. It's a program that a person can actually truly stick to once they've lost all their weight. I tried Weight Watchers when my oldest (now 10) was just 2. I lost 25 lbs in a short amount of time and felt incredible! Two children later, and I'm still struggling to loose that 25 once again. I've tried Weight Watchers on my own, but I've realized that I need something a little more to give me the boost into this go round. Unfortunately, the meeting in my area meets on a night when I am not able to attend regularly. My plan? I'm going to attend the meeting tonight, get the materials and information on their new program (It has been 8 years for heaven's sake!), and then do the online version of the Weight Watchers program. In addition to that, it is my goal, to post on here weekly or bi monthly, my progress. Pictures included. I'm too embarrassed to post my current weight, but I have included this photo. I will, however, post my losses and gains (which I hope are few), my trials and my triumphs, & incredible recipes (see the teaser below). I'm hoping that you - my virtual world - will keep me accountable. Please do! Comment and give me a virtual kick when I need it. Share ideas and recipes that work for you. Encourage the heck out of me. I need it.

My first goal, you ask? Loose 10 lbs by Halloween. There I said it out loud. Now watch me go.

Healthy Pasta Salad (points unknown)

Rotini pasta - boil, drain and rinse

Chop up cucumber, red &/or yellow peppers, and onion into small pieces.

Toss together with some light Italian Dressing.

Make a big bowl up ahead of time and only add dressing to what you'll eat at a time. It will keep in the fridge for a few days to a week!


Kellie said...

Three things:
1. You look great! I do applaud you for wanting to lose weight to be more healthy, though. :)
2. I don't know how WW works, but I do know that pasta can be tricky when dieting. I love love love Barilla Plus noodles. They have extra fiber & protein, so you can eat less to be full & they digest more slowly, giving you real energy instead of the sugar-rush of just flour. Not sure how that'd fit in w/points, but they taste great & barely different than regular noodles!
3. Your recipe sounds super delish! Have you ever tried a spice (I think by McCormick) called Salad Supreme? It adds a little kick to pasta salads. I love it!
Looking forward to seeing your awesome progress!

Stephani said...

That's a great first goal! I'm happy to "harass" you to keep you accountable ;-) I agree with Kellie that the protein and fiber will help you stay fuller for longer. You can try adding some chicken or hard boiled eggs to the pasta as well.

You can do it! :) (oh and yes I've had those days you mention!)