Friday, June 10, 2011

Why does everything require...


Everywhere I look, I find things I have to wait for. Right now I'm waiting for my favorite flowers to bloom - my asiatic lilies. I'm waiting for the day I find that the chickens have laid their first eggs. I wait for the doctors office to open, the Tylenol to kick in, the sun to come out, the carrots to sprout and the kids to get ready for the day.

But in all that waiting, I find that I don't always take the time to enjoy the flowers that are blooming... the sound of the rooster learning to crow... the sight of the raindrops on the dark purple irises... or the sound of laughter as the kids play in their jammies. See, I'm not so good at the whole patience thing. At all. But God has taught me that even though I struggle with impatience, there are distractions among me to keep my focus on the here and now. Things to enjoy and cherish. Memories in the making. Every day simple things that I could miss out on if I let impatience take over.

So today I will take the time to relish what's happening now. The rest will happen when it's time.

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