Tuesday, June 14, 2011


weeds, and MORE weeds! Just when I thought my garden just might have a shot to be stellar this year, the grass seeds have sprouted yet again. Time to break out the hoe, the weed bucket and the garden gloves. I've noted that the areas that were layered with thick hay are doing quite well. Time to make a run to the Farmer's Wife in Omro to get a few more bales.

Today I made it my goal to weed the beet row. Doesn't sound like too daunting a task until you take into account the grass seedlings were the same size as my beet babies - and quite fragile. I did surrender some to overactive pruning on more than one occasion. Oops. But I managed to carefully move the little sproutlings around to pull each bit of weed out and then hoe and rake between the rows.

About a third of the way through the row, I started to loose the zest I had when I'd begun the row. It was taking much more time than I'd anticipated to pluck individual seedlings out between each beet sprout. But I was determined to be patient, so I plugged along. About half way through I started feeling better. I began to realize that if I wanted a pristine garden that I could be proud of, it would require putting time in like this. Thus, a desire for the finished product kept me filling my bucket with the waste that didn't belong in something I saw as beautiful.

I liken this to my walk with God. Some days it's easier to plod through the day without taking time to spend with Him. Easier to read the novel I just found on the bookshelf that's so engaging. Easier to check Facebook, Email and blog about my day. I have to remind myself that I, like my garden, am a work in progress. Needing daily pruning to remove the gunk so that the good stuff can flourish. It's all about the desire for the finished product, and I cannot wait to see what that looks like someday! I think, though, that I may see the fruits of my labor in my garden long before I see the completion in myself.

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colette said...

I love the way you compared our lives with God to gardening. Great reminder that I needed this morning!