Thursday, June 9, 2011

Back to Basics

Ok, so I'll admit that I somewhat flippantly threw out the topic "back to basics" in my welcome post. Truth is, I really had to stop and think what the 'basics' really are! But, after some reflection, I've come up with a few basics that we can all mesh with our daily lives.

Basic of parenting - FIRE THE BABYSITTER. And by babysitter I mean the T.V. Turn off the tube and break into creative play. Whether it's dusting off the lincoln logs, making "soup" with dirt, sticks and rocks, or making a blanket fort on the clothesline - creative play will do wonders for your child's imagination. WARNING: Creative play = large messes. That's okay. Use it as a teachable moment to show responsibility and teamwork.

Basic of gardening - DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. Don't wait until the weeds are suffocating your precious plants. Get back to the basics and use good soil and compost. Then, prevent weeds naturally using soaked newspapers and/or a thick application of hay. It will lock in moisture and block weeds. Also, invest in a hoe. Once a week, go out and hoe between the rows. It will keep the soil loose and any weeds that make their way into your garden will be easily pulled.

Basics of cooking - MEAL PLANNING. As some of you know, I like to plan my meals out a month in advance. If that seems overwhelming, try it for a week. Not only will you save on groceries - especially if you plan meals based on the sale items - you'll save time too! I will delve into this topic of meal planning in more depth in future blogs. I will even be including FREE weekly meal plans for you to try out. Meal planning can be your life-saver over these busy summer months. With all the groceries you need on hand, you'll be able to plan for and whip up a satisfying meal for your family in no time.

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Rachelp said...

Oh, what sweeties! God has been so good! I want ducks as soon as no longer have a dog that hunts everything ( our almost 9 year old schnoodle that is)...