Tuesday, March 5, 2013


 I will admit that this pushes the line of being too distressed, but I must also admit that I have fallen madly in love with her.

Here she is still at the store!
I remember walking into the store and seeing her there... ready to be moved to a back corner of the storage room.  I rescued her immediately - seeing the potential.  It didn't take much to breathe life back into her.  A good cleaning.  A good sanding.  Some coffee glaze.  A few coats of poly.

But she wobbled.

A simple piece of 1/4" plywood wrapped in a pretty fabric made her complete!

I just love all the history that's trapped in the layers of paint, and yes, even stains!  I'm not sure what role she played in the past, but she will now reside in my daughter's room as a book/toy shelf.  And she will be amazing in her new role!
It really was one of those projects that {after sitting in the garage all winter} took so little time to transform that I wondered why it took so long from me to resuscitate her!  And now it's given me the uumph I needed to tackle some of the other lovelies awaiting transformation in my shop!
Three Mango Seeds

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