Thursday, January 26, 2012


Well well well. I told you I'd blog my week so here goes. In all honesty, I seriously considered NOT telling you about my week, because {frankly} I didn't do so hot. I lost nothing. zilch. nada. zero. Not what I wanted - at all. But you know what? I know it was because I didn't stick to the program. I started the week off with a bang and then got "lost" somewhere amidst the donuts and cinnamon rolls of the weekend. I pulled it together on Tuesday but a little too late. That night at weigh-in, my leader said something to me that has been ringing in my head ever since. She said,

"What will it take?"

I've been pondering that since Tuesday night, still unable to come up with a definitive answer to that, but knowing I needed to get back on track. I don't want to find out what it'll take, I just want to do it. I want the results of living healthier.

So without further ado, my week.

1-18 Wednesday
Ate well all day, but then majorly tapped into my flex points in the evening. I didn't eat well before hitting the treadmill for 45min, and when I was done I was famished, so I ate and ate and ate to curb the weak shaky feeling. Mistake. Next time I'm going to load up on a protein before doing that. Cereal does not make for a high-protein, pre-walk meal.

1-19 Thursday
Tracked all day and had 9 points plus values left when dinner came around. It was DATE NIGHT, so I planned to use those and the remainder of my weekly points plus allowance that I had left {which was most of them} and eat carelessly. I also did 55 minutes on the treadmill earlier in the day while watching Glee. Time flies...

1-20 Friday
Tracked like a maniac and ended the day exactly at zero. Not tapping into flex points at all. I also walked for 35 min on the treadmill. Not as much as I planned, but given that I was going to take this day off, I considered it all good.

1-21 Saturday {here's where it starts getting ugly}
My tracker looks like this:
2 cinnamon rolls
coffee x 2
1 slice cheese pizza
candy bar
diet soda {I was trying...}
cookie dough
carrots {again... an effort}
... and then I stopped tracking. I did get some shoveling in for about 10 min. and played Just Dance on the Wii for 15 minutes, but that was it.

1-22 Sunday
And then it got worse. No tracking. No exercise.

1-23 Monday
Started up tracking. Looked a LOT like Saturday. Then eventually gave up tracking before dinner hit.

1-24 Tuesday {weigh in day}
I tracked. I walked for 46 minutes. I played Just Dance for 20 min. Whew. Then came weigh in and the rest is history.

I'm tired of fluctuating within 2 #'s of where I've been at since Thanksgiving. Seriously. I'll never make my goal by Valentine's Day that way! Plus, I'll never ultimately reach my end goal. So I'm kicking into high gear and come what may, I will follow the program all week long. I think seeing myself get results will be the boost I need to catapult me into the weeks to come!

And one final note. Thank you for all the compliments. I've heard things like "Hey there skinny minny!" "You look great!" and "You're thin already." While it's hard to hear {because I don't fully own it}, keep it coming!

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Stephani said...

I think you are right about just DOING it instead of spending too much time thinking what it will take. Because I'm guessing any scenario would be a bummer. Better to put your efforts into getting on track and moving forward. :) Which it sounds like you are! I have faith that you can lose those pounds to meet your goals. You've done amazing so far.

Regarding the pre-exercise fuel. Protein is good but don't forget about carbs for energy. Dave likes peanut butter on wheat toast. I like almonds and dates. I also replenish with healthy protein peanut butter, eggs, nuts with fruit, whole grains and lots of water.