Monday, January 16, 2012

How do I sum up this week. Exercise. Yup. I got on my treadmill all but one day this past week. And what did I learn? Well, not only did I feel great for doing it, but I also learned that walking on the treadmill during an intense Packer game makes the time go by quite swiftly!

I started the week just trying to do 30 minutes on the treadmill. And by trying I don't mean that I'm physically incapable of going longer. I mean try because taking some me-time to walk often gets interrupted by little ones wanting their "turn" on the treadmill. I've worked up to 45 minutes {that was during the game Sunday} with intervals of running {like during commercials}. I know there are programs out there like Couch Potato to 5K that are set interval training programs, but I don't enjoy running so my system works for me. I run when I feel like I have the stamina, and push myself to make it through a commercial break. {insert laughter from runners here} I know those of you who can run miles at a time snickered a little. That's okay. I've never been a runner. Have never claimed to be a runner. And don't ever desire to be a runner. I only do it to push myself physically - just to see what I'm capable of and to get my heart rate up.

Next week I'm going to do the normal Wednesday blog post update, but with a twist. I'm going to take you inside my day to day life as I push ahead in my weight loss journey. That way, you can see that I'm not living on lettuce. That I do splurge. And that I'm trying.

Something new I also did this past week was post a picture from my Weight Watchers magazine on my fridge. It's of a lady to lost 133# on the program and it has her before and after picture. It's truly inspirational. The after looks NOTHING like the before. It gives me hope that by summer I can look trim and smokin' in those cute summer styles.

The before {above} and the after {below}. Seriously??

Here's what I look like this week {down another .8#'s} in some of my fabulous deals from Kohls! The jacket was on clearance and with my extra 20% off came to only $10 {normal price $62}.


Now I'm on the hunt for some skinny jeans to wear with boots {which I'm also on the prowl for. who knew buying boots with a 15+ calf circumference would be so difficult.}

And one last pic of a jacket I got while thrifting this fall. Again love!

To start you off, here's what my day today looked like so far:

Breakfast was stalled because I drank way too much coffee. oops. So after two enormous cups of java {with creamer and sugar}, I ate an orange mid morning to stave off lunch.

For lunch I sat down with the kids and had cheap cheese pizza. For 1/3 of the pizza it was only 7 points, and since I'd basically skipped breakfast, I had the points to use. I paired it with a greens salad - yummy!

Follow lunch with something sweet - milk duds - so tasty. *drool*

Another {unexpected} mug of joe when a friend stopped by for eggs.

Strawberries made for an early afternoon snack followed by a few more of those luscious milk duds. {i'm of the belief that you just need to eat them all and get them out of the house.} Yes I took the points for all this stuff.

For supper I'll be making an egg skillet with egg whites, leftover baked potato, onion and whatever else veg I have in the fridge, paired with another orange. {i'm in love with the oranges these days}

And then I always have a snack once the kiddos are tucked in. Popcorn and diet root beer is on the menu tonight, following 45 minutes on the treadmill while they're at Awana.

And that's my day! I got liquids in. Fruits and veggies in. And even had the points for chocolate! {they say eat your colors and brown is a color}

Next week's blog post will feature my days from Thursday - Tuesday's weigh in! Wish me luck!


kellie said...

LOL @brown is a color! :)

Rachelp said...

I love your brown jacket! Keep up the hard work... think about adding weights, too.
Atlanta, GA

Stephani said...

Great job on another week! You're doing excellent with your exercise. And believe it or not, I did not snicker at your running ;-) Many, many runners (self included) started by running for 1 min or so while trying not to die. :) Over time it gets easier to where you can do a mile or so without stopping. I say do what works for you!

And now you made me hungry for milk duds!!

Terry said...

I've read lots of articles that say short bursts of higher intensity (like running for one or two minutes during a walk) actually do a better job of speeding up your metabolism and greater weight loss than a solid time of running. Great job ---- and, yes, brown IS a color. :)

Dave said...

What Steph said. It gets so much easier once you get a certain base level of fitness to build on. If you just keep pushing yourself a bit more each time to see what you're capable of, you'll eventually be pushing yourself to a mile, 5K, 10K, half marathon, etc. I really didn't plan on running anything longer than a 5K when I started.

It's kind of like cats. At first you have one. Then you think, "What would it hurt to have another?". Before you know it, you have 6 or 8. ;)