Tuesday, September 27, 2011

what's shakin.

Me. A little too much for my liking. But I'm still plugging away! My jeans are definitely fitting looser. Yeah! Wrapping up week 4 here. Even though I followed program, I still feel like indulged a bit too much and the scale shows it as well. At home, it shows little loss, and at my meeting I was down only 1 #. Better than nothing, right! I have to say that after a less than stellar week, I do get motivated to do better. Time to restock the fridge with LOTS of fruits and veggies. My favorite thing to do lately is enjoy a little sweet treat from the garden... my raspberries are in there 2nd blooming season and they are soooo tasty! I only get a handful every other day or so, but it's a welcome switch up from the normal fruits I buy from the store.

Looking ahead to my new week, I like to see where I might struggle and plan ahead. My biggest hang-up for the upcoming week will be an out of town excursion. Seems like it's harder to stay focused on my goals when the temptations of the outside world are staring me in the face. But, I'll bring my materials. Track. And I will succeed. Feel free to ask me how I did. Seriously.

My "treat" of the week. Apple-Cinnamon Wontons a la Mode. {minus the a la mode part} I'm going to make these babies up to bring with us. Only 6 pts for 4 of them {including the ice cream}. What a treat!


Stephani said...

A pound is a pound! I hope next week brings even better #'s for you.

Those apple wonton things look yummy!

Anonymous said...

Hey -
I have been watching your success and I was inspired to start up again with ww. Great job this week. It seems when you have a big lose one week, the next is a little smaller. Don't get discouraged you are doing great:)

Aunt Kathy said...

You know I have had success with WW, but have been faltering lately. Your enthusiasm has inspired me to do better. Maybe I can "taste" one of the WonTon apple thinge's this weekend. Looking forward!