Saturday, September 15, 2012

Coming soon to Cherry Blossoms & Chickens

For quite a few years now, my creations have been under the name Legacy Design... which has served me well!  However, as I transition my business and art focus to functional re-purposed design, I felt it appropriate to give my business a face lift.  So now, instead of Legacy Design, my business will be:

Farm Chic
by Cherry Blossoms & Chickens

 [ faarm ] 

1. of or pertaining to rustic or rusty materials used to house livestock or hay.
2. old, weathered, distressed and well worn.
 [ sheek ]   
  1. stylish: stylish and elegant
  2. style: fashionable style and elegance
So, you probably have some questions about this transition.  Hopefully I'll answer them below, if not, please feel free to contact me!

Q:  What happens to
A:  It will remain active through the next renewal cycle which will be early 2013.  After that it will no longer be active.

Q:  How will I find out about what Farm Chic has to offer?
A:  Very soon, my blog will have an area called "SHOP Farm Chic" where you can see what's available and see locations to buy locally.

Q:  What about your photograph letter art?
A:  I will continue to do my photography letter art on an as ordered basis, however, I will no longer carry them framed.  Individual images will be available for purchase for only $3 each. 


( jason ) said...

So exciting! I love seeing pics of your projects, in my FB feed. Hope things continue to go well with your business.

I will be sad, though, when my web design for the Legacy Design website disappears off the internet.

Michelle said...

Thanks Jason! I appreciated the help way back when. But alas, it's time to update and move my business forward :)