Friday, June 22, 2012

Thrifty Monogram

If you haven't guessed it by now, I'm one thrifty lady.  I like a good price, but I love a smokin' deal even better.  If you're like me, you know that moment when you find that nugget at a yard sale or thrift store that you're sure everyone else in the vicinity is after.  Your adrenaline kicks up to high and you make a bee line for it.  You snatch it up, quietly breathless, and try and conceal a smug grin that would give away your prized possession.  You pay up and there's a spring in your step as you carry it out to the car. 

That's how I acquired this gem.
I just knew I could turn it into something fancy shmancy, and I wanted the opportunity to prove it.

In a few days, it transformed into this.

It now resides as a toy chest in my son's room.  But I wasn't through there.  I had more DIY thriftiness in me this week.  I had purchased a plain, unfinished pine frame {5x7 opening} at Hobby Lobby a few months back but never got around to it.  I dug it out from the stash in the basement and took out the pressed board insert and used a scrap of burlap to cover it.  Just a little {okay a lot} of hot glue {and a few burned fingers} secured it in place on the back.

Then I painted the frame black.  And while that was drying, I free handed a letter "j" on the burlap.  I did a rough outline first and then took a small brush and some black acrylic paint I had on hand and sort of painted and "pushed" the paint into the texture of the burlap until it was filled in.  I love love love how it turned out. 

Now the cost breakdown:
-pine frame from Hobby Lobby $7.99 {minus the 40% off coupon I used on it}
-black acrylic paint for frame and letter {I had mine, so I don't know, but these are only a few bucks a bottle}
-burlap {if you don't have some on hand, buy only what you need.  most places will sell a minimum of 1/4 yd.   priced at a few bucks a yd, it would be ultra cheap for this little bit.}
-hot glue {had on hand.  and you should too.}

And here it is in place.

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Cut Above Scrappin' said...

Great idea, thanks for sharing!