Friday, July 22, 2011

lazy summer days.

Sometimes it's nice to get away from the hub-bub of normal daily life and enjoy some time doing ... nothing.

A few weeks ago I volunteered to go to the summer house because an assessor was coming for tax purposes and me, being the only one without a "job", was the only viable candidate to be there during the day when he would come. So, I packed up some kids, food, swim wear & the dog and we headed out for the day.

Once we got there and got settled, it became apparent to me that I had nothing to do. Well, aside from the book I brought to read. The house was clean. The crockpot was on with the soup I'd made the day before. And the kids were enjoying their favorite episode of "Mr. Bean" - of course the one where he looses his trunks in the pool!

I have to admit that I got a little anxious. I started thinking of all the things I could be doing if I were at home. The floors to be washed. The sewing to be caught up on. The garden to be weeded. But here I was, forced to sit. It turned out not to be such a bad thing after all. I had the opportunity to close my eyes and "rest" to the giggling of children watching TV. I was able to watch the kids play with all the new and different toys that the house has and we don't. I was content to just BE.

Later, after the assessor made his brief tour of the house, we were able to suit up and head to the beach. The weather was HOT and the water was refreshing. The kids had a blast and again I just sat and watched them enjoying summertime. It ended up being a pretty fantastic day.

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